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Rooster Relationship Advice: How to Keep Your Clients Clucking

Cock-a-doodle-do, fellow marketers! Are you tired of losing clients faster than a fox in a henhouse? Well, DomainRooster is here to help you keep those clients clucking with our top ten tips for maintaining healthy relationships. Don't chicken out on your promises. Underpromise and over-deliver to exceed your clients' expectations. It's better to be a … Continue reading Rooster Relationship Advice: How to Keep Your Clients Clucking

The Brexit Vote Is Set to Cause a Second Revolution in the City of London

In the corporate world, there is a growing recognition that strong relationships with customers can form the bedrock of future innovation.

7 Secret Things You Didn’t Know About Successful IT Procurement Teams

Some senior members of staff see procurement expenses as a necessary evil and overlook any efficiency improvement methods for this sector.

35 Best Cloud Solutions Project Management Conflict Resolution Quotes

Jesus did not advocate non-violence merely as a technique for outwitting the enemy, but as a just means of opposing the enemy in such a way as to hold open the possibility of the enemy's becoming just as well. Both sides must win. We are summoned to pray for our enemies' transformation, and to respond to ill-treatment with a love that not only is godly but also, I am convinced, can only be found in God."

How to Quickly Deploy a WordPress on an Ubuntu Server

Manage Your Web Hosting Project More Effectively Now

There are a few who get project management right from the outset, but for many it’s a minefield. In theory, project management seems easy, but it’s not as straightforward as it seems.