Domain Name Disputes: 25 Famous Cases and Lessons Learned

shared vcpu vs dedicated cpu

A shared vCPU with 16 cores and a dedicated CPU with 4 cores have different performance characteristics and are suitable for different types of workloads. A shared vCPU with 16 cores means that the CPU resources are shared among multiple virtual machines (VMs) running on the same physical server. This can result in less predictable … Continue reading shared vcpu vs dedicated cpu

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Kubernetes and Postgres Celebrate 5 Years Together

Building a Postgres cluster that is highly available and can fix itself is hard. You have to think about things like backups, spreading the load across databases, metrics, changing database hosts, storage, and making sure all of these services are the right size.

DomainRooster® – The Backstory

DomainRooster® – The Backstory

DomainRooster® was founded in 2021 after Dean Jones resigned from his position as Director of Strategic Projects at Cranfield University a British postgraduate public research university specializing in science, engineering, design, technology, and management to support his aging parent abroad during COVID-19. Growth in demand for low-cost IT infrastructure and faster data accessibility Dean saw … Continue reading DomainRooster® – The Backstory