50 Ways to Avoid Trademark Infringement When Registering a Domain Name: A Witty Rooster's Guide by DomainRooster

x86 intel/amd vs arm64,

x86 and ARM64 are two different architectures used in computer processors. x86 is a family of instruction set architectures based on the Intel 8086 CPU, which was introduced in 1978. It is widely used in personal computers and servers, and is compatible with many operating systems such as Windows and Linux. Intel and AMD are … Continue reading x86 intel/amd vs arm64,

Domain Name Disputes: 25 Famous Cases and Lessons Learned

shared vcpu vs dedicated cpu

A shared vCPU with 16 cores and a dedicated CPU with 4 cores have different performance characteristics and are suitable for different types of workloads. A shared vCPU with 16 cores means that the CPU resources are shared among multiple virtual machines (VMs) running on the same physical server. This can result in less predictable … Continue reading shared vcpu vs dedicated cpu

Social Selling: Strategies for Success

HostRooster® – The Back Story

"The rooster's cry signals the dawn of a new day and the start of new opportunities. And so too, HostRooster rises to the call, heralding a new era for freelancers everywhere." HostRooster is a vibrant marketplace for freelance services, much like the bustling marketplace at daybreak, filled with crowing roosters and the buzz of commerce. … Continue reading HostRooster® – The Back Story

DomainRooster™ is the place people come to give their business an identifiable name, construct a high-quality website, find clients, make sales, and coordinate their operations. We're on a mission to empower our worldwide community of customers—and entrepreneurs everywhere—by giving them all the help and tools they need to grow online.

65 Statistics, Facts, and Trends in Cloud Computing for 2022

Can you hear the mysterious 'global cloud computing Hum'? Well, I certainly can and it's getting louder and louder since the explosion in remote working following the pandemic. It's safe to say that cloud computing has profoundly altered the way we live and do business as humans. And this innovation shows no sign of slowing … Continue reading 65 Statistics, Facts, and Trends in Cloud Computing for 2022

Domain Name Disputes: 25 Famous Cases and Lessons Learned

What Are Cloud Computing’s Biggest Advantages and Disadvantages?

Has your website ever been the victim of a cyberattack that resulted in the loss of critical data? Have you ever lost important files, software, or programs as a result of a hard drive crash? Do you want a cloud solution that will also save you money? Although cloud computing is unequivocally powerful and expansive, … Continue reading What Are Cloud Computing’s Biggest Advantages and Disadvantages?

DomainRooster® – The Backstory

DomainRooster® – The Backstory

DomainRooster® was founded in 2021 after Dean Jones resigned from his position as Director of Strategic Projects at Cranfield University a British postgraduate public research university specializing in science, engineering, design, technology, and management to support his aging parent abroad during COVID-19. Growth in demand for low-cost IT infrastructure and faster data accessibility Dean saw … Continue reading DomainRooster® – The Backstory


Driven by a vStack hyper-convergent platform for Linux and Windows, DomainRooster recently launched its suite of Cloud servers which have already begun to make waves in the Cloud infrastructure rental market. Priced at just 4 euros, DomainRooster’s Cloud servers, with a minimum configuration for Linux of 1 CPU, 1 RAM and 25 GB SSD, will … Continue reading A NEW AGE OF CLOUD SERVERS

The Next Chapter in Our Story has Started!

Rebranding to Domain Rooster We’re starting a new journey, a new chapter in our company’s history, and we hope we can do it together with you. BestKnownHost has evolved into DomainRooster. This rebranding process was triggered by our decision to improve our services and take a giant leap toward cloud computing with the unveiling of our … Continue reading The Next Chapter in Our Story has Started!

Axelos CEO Peter Hepworth in the Spotlight

Project Journal had the privilege of interviewing AXELOS previous CEO Peter Hepworth. Peter provided us with an insight into his role and AXELOS as a whole in October 2015.

How Prince2 Is the Ticket for Success for German Manufacturing Company Scheidt & Bachmann Gmbh

AXELOS, the owner of the Global Best Practice Portfolio, has profiled an award-winning PRINCE2 ® project in its latest case study.

The 8 Biggest Risks of Big Data Projects

The phenomenon of “Big Data" exacerbates the tension between potential benefits and privacy risks by upping the ante on both sides of the equation. Any project can fail for any number of reasons: bad management, poor budget management, or just a lack of relevant skills. However, big data projects bring their own specific risks.