Updated: WordPress ping services?

WordPress ping services is a feature of the popular content management system, WordPress, that allows your blog to notify various services each time you publish a new post. This way, the services are alerted that your blog has updated, and can then crawl and index your content. The goal of using ping services is to speed up the process of getting your content indexed by search engines, which can help improve your search engine rankings and increase visibility to your site.

When you publish a post or update a page on your WordPress site, the ping services are automatically triggered and notify the list of services that you have specified in your WordPress settings. This list can include search engines, blog directories, and other web services.

The use of ping services is an optional setting in WordPress, and you can choose which services to ping and when. Some users may choose to disable ping services, as excessive pinging can sometimes cause your site to be flagged as spam by some services.

In conclusion, WordPress ping services are a useful tool for improving your blog’s visibility and search engine rankings, and DomainRoosters offers support for this feature in their WordPress hosting packages.

Here’s a list of some of the most commonly used WordPress ping services:

  1. http://rpc.pingomatic.com
  2. http://ping.feedburner.com
  3. http://rpc.weblogs.com/RPC2
  4. http://bing.com/webmaster/ping.aspx
  5. https://ping.blogs.yandex.ru/RPC2
  6. http://ping.blo.gs/
  7. http://blog.goo.ne.jp/XMLRPC
  8. http://blog.with2.net/ping.php
  9. http://blogping.unidatum.com/RPC2
  10. http://blogpingr.de/ping/rpc2
  11. http://api.my.yahoo.com/rss/ping
  12. http://api.my.yahoo.com/RPC2
  13. http://blogsearch.google.com/ping/RPC2
  14. http://blogsearch.google.ae/ping/RPC2
  15. http://blogsearch.google.at/ping/RPC2
  16. http://blogsearch.google.be/ping/RPC2
  17. http://blogsearch.google.bg/ping/RPC2
  18. http://blogsearch.google.ca/ping/RPC2
  19. http://blogsearch.google.ch/ping/RPC2
  20. http://blogsearch.google.cl/ping/RPC2
  21. http://blogsearch.google.co.cr/ping/RPC2
  22. http://blogsearch.google.co.hu/ping/RPC2
  23. http://blogsearch.google.co.id/ping/RPC2
  24. http://blogsearch.google.co.il/ping/RPC2
  25. http://blogsearch.google.co.in/ping/RPC2
  26. http://blogsearch.google.co.it/ping/RPC2
  27. http://blogsearch.google.co.jp/ping/RPC2
  28. http://blogsearch.google.co.ma/ping/RPC2
  29. http://blogsearch.google.co.nz/ping/RPC2
  30. http://blogsearch.google.co.th/ping/RPC2
  31. http://blogsearch.google.co.uk/ping/RPC2
  32. http://blogsearch.google.co.ve/ping/RPC2
  33. http://blogsearch.google.co.za/ping/RPC2
  34. http://blogsearch.google.com.ar/ping/RPC2
  35. http://blogsearch.google.com.au/ping/RPC2
  36. http://blogsearch.google.com.br/ping/RPC2
  37. http://blogsearch.google.com.co/ping/RPC2
  38. http://blogsearch.google.com.do/ping/RPC2
  39. http://blogsearch.google.com.mx/ping/RPC2
  40. http://blogsearch.google.com.my/ping/RPC2
  41. http://blogsearch.google.com.pe/ping/RPC2
  42. http://blogsearch.google.com.sa/ping/RPC2
  43. http://blogsearch.google.com.sg/ping/RPC2
  44. http://blogsearch.google.com.tr/ping/RPC2
  45. http://blogsearch.google.com.tw/ping/RPC2
  46. http://blogsearch.google.com.ua/ping/RPC2
  47. http://blogsearch.google.com.uy/ping/RPC2
  48. http://blogsearch.google.com.vn/ping/RPC2
  49. http://blogsearch.google.com/ping/RPC2
  50. http://blogsearch.google.de/ping/RPC2
  51. http://blogsearch.google.es/ping/RPC2
  52. http://blogsearch.google.fi/ping/RPC2
  53. http://blogsearch.google.fr/ping/RPC2
  54. http://blogsearch.google.gr/ping/RPC2
  55. http://blogsearch.google.hr/ping/RPC2
  56. http://blogsearch.google.ie/ping/RPC2
  57. http://blogsearch.google.in/ping/RPC2
  58. http://blogsearch.google.it/ping/RPC2
  59. http://blogsearch.google.jp/ping/RPC2
  60. http://blogsearch.google.ki/ping/RPC2
  61. http://blogsearch.google.kz/ping/RPC2
  62. http://blogsearch.google.la/ping/RPC2
  63. http://blogsearch.google.li/ping/RPC2
  64. http://blogsearch.google.lk/ping/RPC2
  65. http://blogsearch.google.lt/ping/RPC2
  66. http://blogsearch.google.lu/ping/RPC2
  67. http://blogsearch.google.md/ping/RPC2
  68. http://blogsearch.google.mn/ping/RPC2
  69. http://blogsearch.google.ms/ping/RPC2
  70. http://blogsearch.google.mu/ping/RPC2
  71. http://blogsearch.google.mv/ping/RPC2
  72. http://blogsearch.google.mw/ping/RPC2
  73. http://blogsearch.google.nl/ping/RPC2
  74. http://blogsearch.google.no/ping/RPC2
  75. http://blogsearch.google.nr/ping/RPC2
  76. http://blogsearch.google.nu/ping/RPC2
  77. http://blogsearch.google.pl/ping/RPC2
  78. http://blogsearch.google.pn/ping/RPC2
  79. http://blogsearch.google.pt/ping/RPC2
  80. http://blogsearch.google.ro/ping/RPC2
  81. http://blogsearch.google.ru/ping/RPC2
  82. http://blogsearch.google.rw/ping/RPC2
  83. http://blogsearch.google.sc/ping/RPC2
  84. http://blogsearch.google.se/ping/RPC2
  85. http://blogsearch.google.sh/ping/RPC2
  86. http://blogsearch.google.si/ping/RPC2
  87. http://blogsearch.google.sk/ping/RPC2
  88. http://blogsearch.google.sm/ping/RPC2
  89. http://blogsearch.google.sn/ping/RPC2
  90. http://blogsearch.google.st/ping/RPC2
  91. http://blogsearch.google.tk/ping/RPC2
  92. http://blogsearch.google.tl/ping/RPC2
  93. http://blogsearch.google.tm/ping/RPC2
  94. http://blogsearch.google.to/ping/RPC2
  95. http://blogsearch.google.tp/ping/RPC2
  96. http://blogsearch.google.tt/ping/RPC2
  97. http://blogsearch.google.tw/ping/RPC2
  98. http://blogsearch.google.us/ping/RPC2
  99. http://blogsearch.google.vg/ping/RPC2
  100. http://blogsearch.google.vu/ping/RPC2
  101. http://blogsearch.google.ws/ping/RPC2
  102. http://news2paper.com/ping
  103. http://ping.bloggers.jp/rpc
  104. http://ping.fc2.com
  105. http://ping.rss.drecom.jp
  106. http://rpc.bloggerei.de/ping/
  107. http://rpc.pingomatic.com
  108. http://rpc.technorati.com/rpc/ping
  109. http://rpc.twingly.com
  110. http://services.newsgator.com/ngws/xmlrpcping.aspx

These services are used to notify various services and search engines about updates to your WordPress site, so they can crawl your site and index your content. The more services you ping, the wider the audience you can reach with your content. However, it’s important to use these services judiciously, as pinging too frequently can result in your site being penalized or banned by some services.


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