What is .htaccess?

You may modify the behavior of your entire website or just a certain directory on your website by using with the. extension. For instance, if you put a file with the extension.htaccess in your site’s root directory, it will have an effect on the entirety of your website (www.coolexample.com). If you put it in a directory with the content prefix,

.htaccess works on all of our Linux hosting accounts.

The following are some examples of possible applications for the.htaccess file format:

  • Make your site’s error pages unique.
  • Use a password to secure your website.
  • Make server-side includes available.
  • based on IP, block access to your website
  • Modify your website’s index.html file, which loads by default.
  • visitors to a different page
  • Avoid being listed in directories
  • Include MIME type

A text file with the extension.htaccess is known as an.htaccess file. Since the entire file name is.htaccess, it does not have a file extension like.html or.txt. To learn more about how to configure.htaccess files,visit Apache’s website.

Note: Make sure you use a plain text editor that doesn’t wrap words when you make a.htaccess file. Some editors, like MS Word or Notepad with “word wrap” turned on, will add invisible characters to show where a new line starts. If these special characters are in your.htaccess file, it won’t work.


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