What is domain protection?

Managing your online presence effectively requires that you take precautions to safeguard your HostRooster domain. In order to ensure the safety of your domain, we offer a variety of domain protection levels.

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Why is protecting my HostRooster domain important?

Eligible registered with HostRooster have all domain contact info automatically substituted with proxy details from our privacy service provider, Domains By Proxy®. There is more to protecting your domain than just keeping your contact information confidential. Domain Protection also includes the capability to prevent unauthorized domain actions, such as the transfer of a domain or the modification of DNS settings, from occurring. And because our Ultimate Domain Protection plan includes billing protection, you won’t be forced to give up control of your domain even if your credit card suddenly becomes invalid.

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What are my protection plan options?

Choose the protection option best suited for you and your online presence.

  • Full Domain Protection: You’ll get the same free privacy to substitute your contact info, and security to prevent your domain from being hijacked. You’ll get alerts on high-risk actions, such as transferring awayupdating nameservers and changing contact information, and you’ll be required to provide your consent through 2-step verification. Your domain is also automatically covered with domain privacy to keep your personal contact info private.
  • Ultimate Domain Protection: You’ll get all the features of Domain Protection, plus expiration protection. We’ll hold your domain if it expires and isn’t renewed. We’ll automatically enable auto-renew to ensure your domain doesn’t accidentally expire. And your domain is also covered with domain privacy to keep your personal contact info private.
  • Domain Ownership Protection: Only domains that are not qualified for domain privacy may make use of our standalone protection option. The protection features provided by Domain Ownership Protection are identical to those provided by our Ultimate Domain Protection option. The Domain Ownership Protection service can be applied to these domain names.:
    • .au
    • .com.au
    • .net.au
    • .org.au
    • .be
    • .ca
    • .de
    • .es
    • .com.es
    • .nom.es
    • .org.es
    • .eu
    • .fr
    • .gg
    • .in
    • .co.in
    • .firm.in
    • .gen.in
    • .ind.in
    • .net.in
    • .org.in
    • .it
    • .tk
    • .us

Domains currently on Full Domain Privacy & Protection or Ultimate Domain Protection & Security will continue being protected by these plans, until the domain is canceled, fails to renew or if the protection plan is downgraded.

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Can I change my protection level?

Yes, you can change your protection level at any time. You can upgrade your protection to gain additional security features, or downgrade your protection to remove features. Domain privacy is turned on by default, unless you change those settings.

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How will people be able to contact me?

You’ll get a private email address that can be used to filter, block or forward emails to your chosen email address. This lets you stay in touch with anyone trying to contact the domain owner, while still keeping your personal email address private.

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How can I verify domain ownership?

We recommend adding a TXT record to your DNS zone file to verify domain ownership. This is the best option to maintain your privacy while proving your domain ownership. Another option is to turn off domain privacy, which will show all registrant contact information.

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  • If you’ve decided to invoke Nominet’s WHOIS opt-out policy, your contact information visibility will be determined by that policy, regardless of what protection level you have through HostRooster.
  • Review your domain contact info to ensure your details are accurate and up-to-date.


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