What are the 3 types of VMware server virtualization?

Complete virtualization
A hypervisor, a class of that interfaces directly with the CPU and of the actual server, is used in full virtualization. Each virtual server is kept autonomous and oblivious of other virtual thanks to the hypervisor, which keeps track of the physical server resources. As programs are being run on a real server, hypervisors also transfer resources from the physical server to the appropriate . Full virtualization’s main drawback is that hypervisors have their own processing needs, which can slow down the performance of servers and applications.

(2) Para-Virtualization
Para-virtualization operates differently from full virtualization in that the entire network runs as a single entity. Because all virtual server operating systems in para-virtualization are aware of one another, the hypervisor doesn’t have to use as much power to process and manage operating systems.
Operating System Virtualization 3.
Operating system-level virtualization, or OS-level virtualization, doesn’t need a hypervisor at all. Instead, OS-level virtualization carries out the duties and functions of the hypervisor using its virtualization capability, which is a feature of the operating system on the physical server. However, each virtual server must run the same OS for this to function.


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