VeraCrypt encryption for Windows

VeraCrypt is a program that is utilized to secure info. , on online disks with the operating system mounted. is very important to understand that in this situation the program encrypts not just virtual media, however also the OVM Tools program, which is needed for the complete operation of the online web server. As a result, some features come to be unavailable to users, for example:

  • The online server is switched off just with the “Turn off the power” alternative.
  • Editing the present configuration is not offered with the standard control panel.
  • gain to through the hypervisor is handicapped.

Consequently, such file encryption is recommended to be utilized just when necessary.

Initial configuration

Open up the VeraCrypt program, choose the Produce Quantity thing:

Volume creation

Screenshot #1. Create volume.

At the following step, the program will trigger you to pick a choice. Three alternatives are offered:

  • The program will certainly develop a digital space inside a single file. The option is recommended for novices as well as unskilled customers.
  • Encryption of a rational drive that is not a system drive, i.e. it does not have an operating system mounted. The operation is additionally suitable for external storage media (flash drive, external hard disk, sd card, and so on).
  • Encrypt system drive. VeraCrypt conceals details on the system partition of the disk drive from third parties. Too
  • Windows, the administrator has to enter a password.

Let’s choose the last point.

Next, the configuration wizard will offer to develop a routine or hidden file encryption. In the first case, details is revealed utilizing a password, and in the second, the OS section ends up being surprise. Simply put, the system sensible drive becomes inaccessible during normal start-up. This alternative is rarely utilized, so we pick the first option:

Choosing an Encryption Type

Screenshot #3. Select the Normal mode.

The next action is to choose a defense area. The program will certainly hide the entire disk, or only the system dividers. Since only the first option will certainly be active at the start of the configuration:

OS Boot Selection

Screenshot #4. Hide the system partition.

Next off, VeraCrypt will supply to secure a surprise area on your hard disk drive. When making use of the cloud, this thing does not make sense, given that it is difficult to access the area. Therefore, we leave “No”.

The next action is to select the OS boot choice. If a single operating system is set up, trigger the Single-boot choice. Or else – Multi-boot:

Hiding the system partition

Screenshot #5. OS boot selection.

Allow’s carry on to picking the sort of file encryption and hashing: the program uses greater than 20 approaches. Allow’s select the basic AES choice, and use SHA-256 for the hash:

Encryption method

Screenshot №6. Encryption method.

Now let’s set a password to remove protection from the disk:

Installing keys

Screenshot #7. Key installation.

The password is recommended to be made according to the complying with guidelines: a minimum of 20 characters, the visibility of upper and also reduced instance letters of the Latin alphabet, in addition to and numbers.

Vital! The line highlighted in eco-friendly in the picture shows the generated password. If you want to check the entered personalities, trigger the choice. After verification, an animated picture of arbitrarily moving components will show up on the customer’s display:

Improving the cryptographic strength of the key

Screenshot #8. Improving the cryptographic strength of the key.

Move the mouse randomly inside the area marked with a red rectangle in the screenshot. This will develop random elements that will certainly increase the toughness of information file encryption. We carry out these actions till the bar at the end of the food selection is full. In the screenshot, it is underscored with an eco-friendly line.

Crucial! It is advised to load the strip totally to get a crypto-resistant key.

After generating the key, a part of the generated security elements will appear on the screen:

Created crypto keys

Screenshot #9. Created crypto keys.

If the administrator wants to view the generated part, select the item marked with a red arrow in the image.
Since the media or program loader may be corrupted, in the next step VeraCrypt will prompt you to create a recovery disk.

Recovery disk

Screenshot #10. Recovery disk.

Choose a path to save the media image. Specify the method of recording to external media: flash drive or DVD.

This completes the setup. The next stage is testing the given parameters.


VeraCrypt needs to test the generated configuration. Press the “Test” button. A window will appear with a message about restarting the OS. We agree:

OS restart

Screenshot #11. OS restart.

Go to the cloud server control panel, connect via the web interface. The system will ask you to enter the password that was created at the stage of configuring encryption, and will also ask for a PIM . We didn’t create it, so just press “Enter”:

Server connection

Screenshot #12. Server connection.

Next, the hypervisor will certainly remain to configure the os. The process will certainly take an optimum of 10 minutes. Upon conclusion, the web server will be rebooted. Reconnect to the web server as well as see a VeraCrypt message regarding the effective completion of testing.

Adhering to the prompts of the wizard, we verify the operation of encrypting the selected system drive. The treatment is extensive and also may take a number of hours. The administrator can shut off the server at any time, and also after transforming it on, encryption will certainly continue from the moment it was quit – the program conserves the procedure in real time.

Essential! Shut off the tools just through the thing “On power”. Or else, will not be saved.


If you need to decrypt the disk, launch VeraCrypt and open the context menu via the right mouse button in the control panel:


Screenshot №13. Decryption.

Turn on the product marked with a red arrowhead in the picture. Decryption will likewise take fairly a long period of time. At the end of the procedure, we reactivate the cloud web server “By nourishment”.


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