Some companies hosts other people business websites using sub directorys of the main apex domain name. Is this good for seo or bad?

Using subdirectories of the main apex domain name (e.g. for hosting other people’s business websites can have both advantages and disadvantages in terms of SEO.

One advantage is that it allows you to keep all of your content on one domain, which can help to improve the overall authority and trust of the domain. This can be beneficial for SEO, as search engines tend to favor websites with high authority and trust.

Another advantage is that it allows you to share backlinks and link equity among multiple websites. This can be beneficial for SEO, as backlinks are an important factor in determining a website’s search engine rankings.

On the other hand, using subdirectories can also have some disadvantages for SEO. One is that it can dilute the link equity and link authority of each subdirectory website. Another is that it can be difficult for search engines to understand the relationship between the subdirectory website and the main website, which can make it more difficult for the subdirectory website to rank well in the search results.

Another disadvantage is that subdirectories don’t offer the same level of flexibility and control as separate domains. For example, it can be more difficult to implement different tracking codes, configure separate analytics and use different marketing campaigns, which can make it more difficult to track and measure the performance of each subdirectory website.

Overall, using subdirectories can have both advantages and disadvantages for SEO, and it’s important to consider the specific needs of your website and your business when making a decision. It’s also important to monitor your website’s performance and make adjustments as needed.


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