Setting up MySQL, PHP, and Apache on a Windows Server

You can install , , and MySQL on Server with the aid of this guide. WampServer is the simplest approach to make it simple to install, configure, and manage all components. WampServer is a Windows web development environment for PHP script interpreter, MySQL database, and server-based dynamic web applications. The PHPMyAdmin web application is also included for the simplest .


Before starting the installation of WampServer, you need to configure Windows by specifying specific ports: 80 and 443. Read more in the article .

You also need to configure the Internet Explorer browser in order to download from external sources.

Before working with WampServer, let’s first install the necessary libraries. This requires The Visual C++ Redistributable Packages (2008-2019) components, which can be downloaded from the following link and install all components from each executable.

Now download the WampServer installer.

After running the executable, the installation of Wampserver will begin

We accept the license agreement, specify the installation folder (the specified path must not contain spaces!).

Click Next and Install. We are waiting for the installation to finish.

On the offer to change the standard browser and text editor, click “No”.

Installation completed, click Finish

An icon with Wampserver64 will appear on the desktop, double-click to start the server.

A green icon of a running server will appear in the bottom panel on the right.

In a browser, go to the link http://localhost/ or your ip address to check.

Apache Configuration

Open the C:wamp64binapacheapache2.4.39confhttpd.conf file with a text editor. Search for the first occurrence of the string “Require local”, and replace the parameter “local” with “all granted”.

Change to

Save changes and close the file.

Open the virtual hosts configuration file C:wamp64binapacheapache2.4.39confextrahttpd-vhosts.conf and replace the contents of the Directory tag with the following parameters:

    Options +Indexes +Includes +FollowSymLinks +MultiViews

    AllowOverride All

    Order deny,allow

    allow from all 

Save changes and close the file.

Restart WampServer by right-clicking on the server icon in the bottom bar and select “Refresh”.


From another in a browser, try to go to the address:


where ip-address is the address of your Windows Server. It can be found in the HostRooster Server Control Panel.


Setting up phpMyAdmin

On your local host, on the main page of WampServer, in the “Tools” menu, select “phpmyadmin”, or go to http://localhost/phpmyadmin/ in a browser.

In the window that opens, enter the default login and password values:

Login: root

Password: leave the field blank

After authorization, you can change the password for the root user, as well as add new users. To do this, go to the “User Accounts” tab.

To add a user, follow the link “Add user account”. To change the password for existing users, select the action “Edit privileges”, then “Change password”.

Save the changes and restart WampServer by right-clicking on the server icon in the bottom bar and selecting “Refresh”.

The web server is ready to go.


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