Set up my Linux Hosting account

Before hosting your website on a Linux Hosting plan, you must set it up.

A domain’s DNS records might change during account setup, which means that functioning websites and email addresses may no longer function. On our Contact Us page, click Chat Now to speak with a HostRooster Guide 24/7 for assistance

  1. Go to your HostRooster product page.
  2. Click Set up next to the Linux Hosting account you wish to create under Web Hosting.
  3. Complete the on-screen fields, and then click Finish.
    • You will be prompted to choose which of your domains you want to use as the account’s primary domain. If you’d like, you can also specify a subdomain.We’ll ask if you’d like to install WordPress during setup. If so, you’ll set your WordPress username and password at that time.If you’re setting up your account with an Internationalized Domain Name, you’ll need to enter the punycode version of the domain name.
    Your account Dashboard will show up after setup is finished. You can see your main domain name at the top.

Next steps

  • Your cPanel password should be changed to something you know: In order to set up cPanel for your account, we automatically generated a login name and password for you. Because it is a secure password, we can’t disclose it to you. Before you start using the account, it’s a good idea to change your cPanel password to something you know.
  • Find out more information about your new Linux Hosting account: Take our Guided Tour of the account Dashboard, WordPress, and cPanel.
  • Putting in an SSL certificate Considering opening a web shop? After that, you must have a secure website. Here’s our path for requesting and installing an SSL certificate.
  • Installing website backups is a great way to safeguard your content and data in the event of a serious issue. You can set up backups yourself in cPanel, or let us handle that for you with our Website Backup service.
  • Start building your site with WordPress: Check out our list of the basics you need to start building your new WordPress website.
  • If your WordPress website is already built but hosted elsewhere, you can move the entire thing to your account with cPanel on HostRooster. If your WordPress website is hosted elsewhere, you can move it to HostRooster.
  • Find Help articles when you need them: Here’s the home page for Linux Hosting help articles.


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