roostiquette is an informal expression of the values of many hostroosters, as written by hostroosters themselves. Please abide by it the best you can.

Please do

Keep the human in mind. All you can see when communicating online is a computer screen. Would I say it to the person’s face? is a question you might wish to ask yourself before speaking to someone. Alternatively, “Would I be jumped if I mentioned this to a friend?”

Maintain the same standards of conduct online as you do outside.

Before contributing to a community, review the guidelines. Usually, the sidebar contains these.

the Roostiquette, please. Every now and again, read it again. Roostiquette is a dynamic, evolving guide that may evolve when the community encounters new issues as it expands.

Moderate in terms of quality rather than taste. Even if you disagree with the subject, it can still be valuable if it is well-written and intriguing.

Spell and grammar correctly. A standardized communication system is necessary for intelligent dialogue. Be receptive to mild corrections.

Keep the titles of your submissions accurate and devoid of opinion. Share your irrational fury in the comments area if the issue is ridiculous.

Find the source of the original content, then submit it. A blog will frequently link to another blog, which will then link to another, and so on, with each one showing advertisements along the way. Go through those referrals and provide the author, who rightfully deserves the traffic, a link.

Post to the best suitable community you can find. If the content is appropriate for many communities, also think about cross-posting.

Report any spam you find.

Look over the new submissions page and cast your vote. Consider it to be a public service, maybe.

Before voting, read the article in question (as opposed to just basing your vote on the title).

Post links to your own material without restriction (within reason). But if that’s the only thing you ever submit, or if it consistently receives negative votes, look yourself in the eye with all your might; you could be a spammer.

Apply the principle of “Innocent unless proven guilty.” Please refrain from claiming that a submission is false or whoring karma unless there is clear evidence to support your claim.

Before submitting, check your contribution for errors, paying specific attention to the submission title. The title of a post cannot be changed after it has been published, although comments and self-posts’ content can. Make sure the information you submit is correct to prevent any misunderstandings later.

Do not engage in any unlawful activities, please.

Do not post someone’s personal information, or post links to personal information. This includes links to public Facebook pages and screenshots of Facebook pages with the names still legible. We all get outraged by the ignorant things people say and do online, but witch hunts and vigilantism hurt innocent people too often, and such posts or comments will be removed. Users posting personal info are subject to immediate account deletion.

By choosing not to be rude, you increase the overall civility of the community and make it better for all of us.

Do not insult others. Insults do not contribute to a rational discussion. Constructive Criticism, however, is appropriate and encouraged.

Trolling does not contribute to the conversation.

In regard to voting:
Downvote an otherwise acceptable post because you don’t personally like it. Think before you downvote and take a moment to ensure you’re downvoting someone because they are not contributing to the community dialogue or discussion. If you simply take a moment to stop, think and examine your reasons for downvoting, rather than doing so out of an emotional reaction, you will ensure that your downvotes are given for good reasons.

Moderate a story based on your opinion of its source. Quality of content is more important than who created it.

Upvote or downvote based just on the person that posted it. Don’t upvote or downvote comments and posts just because the poster’s username is familiar to you. Make your vote based on the content.

Use the title of your entry and/or votes to create polls. Due to vote fuzzing, these approaches are unreliable, and in that sense, they are just requesting upvotes.

Do not submit pranks. You probably shouldn’t post something on hostoorster if has already ruled it to be untrue.

In a short period of time, flood hostrooster with stories. By doing this, the new queue becomes flooded.

Please capitalize all titles.

Edit or sensationalize the title of your entry.

Make insane comments in respect to the discussion. The words “this,” “lol,” and “I came here to say this” are not clever, amusing, or innovative, and they bring nothing to the conversation.

Declare your vote (with rare exceptions). The “Upvote” and “Downvote” buttons don’t make for really interesting comments and merely make the signal to noise ratio worse.

Speak up against other users who are reposting or rehosting any articles, pictures, videos, or other information. Users are expected to give credit where credit is due, but if someone doesn’t and isn’t harming anybody, please either don’t bring it out or do so gently and go on. They are doing nothing more than accruing useless karma.


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