Pros of subdirectories

As a professional web hosting provider, HostRooster understands the importance of effective website structure for both user experience and search engine optimization (SEO). One strategy that can contribute to both of these factors is the use of subdirectories.

From an SEO perspective, search engines view subdirectories as part of the main domain. This means that the Domain Authority and Page Authority of subdirectory pages are closely linked to those of the root domain. For example, if the root domain has a high Domain Authority, then subdirectory pages will also inherit this high Domain Authority. This can result in higher SEO rankings for content published on subdirectory pages compared to subdomains with a lower Domain Authority.

In addition to SEO benefits, subdirectories can also improve website navigation for users. By creating a clear hierarchy within URLs, subdirectories make it easier for users to understand the relationships between web pages and the content they can expect to find on those pages. For example, a URL such as “” is more intuitive for users to understand and navigate to, compared to a URL like “” which appears as gibberish.

In conclusion, HostRooster highly recommends the usage of subdirectories as it can significantly enhance both the user experience and search engine optimization of your website.


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