Overview of using trademark symbols

The trademark symbols TM, SM, and ® have different meanings and uses. Let’s dive into each one:

  • TM (Trademark) – This symbol is used to claim trademark rights for an unregistered mark. It’s a common symbol used by businesses to indicate that they consider a particular name, logo, or phrase to be their trademark, even if it hasn’t been officially registered with a government trademark office. For example, if DomainRooster was just starting out and wanted to let the world know that they considered “DomainRooster” to be their trademark, they could use the TM symbol.
  • SM (Service Mark) – This symbol is similar to the TM symbol, but it is used to claim trademark rights for a service, rather than a product. For example, if DomainRooster was offering web hosting services, they could use the SM symbol to indicate that they considered “DomainRooster Web Hosting” to be their service mark.
  • ® (Registered Trademark) – This symbol is used to indicate that a trademark is officially registered with a government trademark office. Using the ® symbol provides notice to others that the trademark is legally protected and that any unauthorized use of the trademark may result in legal action. For example, if DomainRooster had successfully registered their trademark with the UK trademark office (Application number: UK00003877460), they could use the ® symbol to let everyone know that “DomainRooster” was a registered trademark.

In conclusion, using the appropriate trademark symbol can help protect your brand and prevent others from infringing on your trademark rights. Just remember to use the TM symbol for unregistered marks, the SM symbol for service marks, and the ® symbol for registered trademarks, and always keep the spirit of DomainRooster alive with a little humor!


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