List of the top 10 WordPress-related secrets

Web designers often keep secrets to themselves to keep customers in the dark about certain things in order to help generate additional income from website updates etc, however, we have decided to unmask some of WordPress‘s secrets because you deserve to know.

They could blacklist us, so don’t tell anyone we told you that, okay?

Ok, let’s read on, already.

WordPress: What Is It

The acronym “CMS” stands for “content management system,” which is exactly what WordPress is.

You may use it to build anything from a personal blog to a full-fledged e-commerce platform. You may use search engine optimization strategies and boost your website’s ranking by creating a blog too.

Put another way, WordPress combines the permanence of a website with the fluidity of a blog.

Web developers widely employ this content management system, making it a market leader. And 25% of all websites on the Internet are built with it.


If you want a corporate site that looks good and feels highly professional and sleek, WordPress is the way to go. A polished business website is as easy to achieve as 123.

Assisting you in working with the plugins, widgets, and, most importantly, the tens of thousands of pre-made templates available at your fingertips.

Because it has already been developed and designed by specialists, anyone may use it and make changes to it. As a result, it may be handled with relative ease.

WordPress Functions

The benefits and services it offers most prominently are:

It can be used and modified at no cost. There is a premium version, but if you don’t mind ads, you may use it for free.

Setup and upgrades are easypeezy too.

Admins have the ability to control who has access to the system and what functions they may utilize.

You can make the look any way you like it.

The RSS news aggregation system allows users to subscribe.

There is also a comment section for readers.

WordPress web design

Create a professional web presence using these 10 WordPress hacks
So far, we’ve explained exactly what WP is, and now we want to discuss some of the more interesting aspects of WordPress, but only if you swear not to share this information with anybody else? Do you. OK. Thank You.

One, adaptive layout

The great majority of Internet users now access the web via a mobile device, thus being mobile-ready is essential for a WordPress theme.

UI patterns, on the one hand, are a great resource for guiding this kind of design and addressing common issues.

With better navigation, visitors to your site will feel more at ease, which might lead to a longer average session duration.

Conversely, there is the Mobile First approach. This Mobile First strategy allows us to focus on mobile-first, with desktop support coming later.

beauty lies in its naked simplicity.

It’s easy to spot a web design novice by the way they fill their pages with flashy extras and unnecessary information.

The most aesthetically pleasing page is actually the antithesis of it. Keep the number of typefaces and colours you utilize to no more than four, all of which should coordinate with the company’s overall colour scheme.

  1. The rule of thirds to divide your website into 9 pieces
    The web can be more efficiently navigated if the display is split into nine equal sections.

We can find out where a user’s attention tends to wander, where we should emphasize certain aspects or leave blanks, etc.

  1. Security: 2-Factor Authentication
    The two-factor authentication in WP contributes to the platform’s high level of security, which in turn contributes to its widespread adoption.

There are 2 components that make up this method of getting to your site. Either two separate passwords or one password and a security question are acceptable. The WP’s owner makes that call.

To put it simply, WordPress is a safe content management system.
WordPress is a very secure CMS 5. You can back up regularly
In a similar vein, even if everything is SUPER secure, there will always be a moment when the finest hacker in the world can take the web.

WP will always have your back in the event of an emergency.

Sixth, the WordPress version can be concealed.

For your own protection, here are some more details you should keep to yourself. One option is to conceal the WP version. Knowing that number makes it much simpler for the hacker to launch an assault on the network.

Remove WordPress’s version using the plugin of the same name and worry about the rest less.

Change the default login URL (which is “wp-admin”) to anything else so that others can’t access your site.

Also, you may alter your entry method. I’ll explain: normally, you’ll need the WP username to log in, but you may modify the settings so that, say, you log in using your email address instead.

To put together books is point number eight.

A plugin like “Editorial Calendar” allows you to schedule the publication of your blog posts in advance.

If you update your blog frequently and need some structure, this is the way to go.

You may put WordPress into maintenance mode by pressing F9.
If you need to make “lots of changes” on your website and do not want users to enter, there is the possibility of activating the maintenance mode.

If you give them the URL, they’ll be taken to a page that explains the situation and invites them to check back when we’re ready.

  1. Block SPAM comments
    You may prevent automated commenting with a plugin like “Anti-SPAM,” eliminating the need for actual commenters to complete a CAPTCHA.

This plugin will detect the behaviour of bots automatically.

We’ve just revealed ten of our innermost secrets to you, but there are many more we could have shared with you… do you want us to share more secrets in another post? If so please say so in the comments area. And we have complete faith that you won’t tell others about this.


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