Keyboard Shortcuts


Keyboard shortcuts are enabled on a per-user setting, and can be turned on by visiting the Profile panel in Users → Your Profile. Check the Keyboard Shortcuts checkbox to enable keyboard shortcuts for comment moderation.

Please note, the keyboard shortcuts are designed to use both hands, simultaneously, on a QWERTY style keyboard layout.


The keyboard shortcuts are used for navigation and for actions. For any action to affect a comment, that comment must be first selected. The comment that is considered selected is indicated with a light-blue background. By default, no comment is selected, so, you will need to press either the letter j key, or letter k key, to start navigating.


Navigating comments is accomplished with the j and k keys. When you first visit the Comments page, no comments is selected, so, first press the letter j, or the letter k, to select the first comment. After that, just press the letter j to move the select to the next comment.

Pressing j moves the current selection (light-blue background) down.
Pressing k moves the current selection (light-blue background) up.

Note that if you come to the bottom of a page of comments and press j again, you will be taken to the next page and the first comment of that next page will be selected. Likewise, pressing k at the top of a comment page will zoom you to the previous page, selecting the comment at the bottom of that previous page. This makes very easy to navigate through a long list of comments to perform the necessary actions.


For one of these actions to affect a comment, make sure the comment is first selected (see above).

Pressing a approves the currently selected comment.
Pressing s marks the current comment as .
Pressing d moves the comment to the trash (WordPress 2.9) or deletes the current comment.
Pressing z restores the current comment from the trash or activates the Undo when that row is selected.

Note that those first three actions (and most common actions) use the three left-most keys of the home row of a QWERTY keyboard. It is recommended that you shift your hand to the left so that your index finger is on d instead of on f, as is normal.

Pressing u unapproves the currently selected comment, placing it back into moderation.
Pressing r initiates an inline reply to the current comment (you can press Esc to cancel the reply).
Pressing q activates “Quick Edit” which allows for rapid inline editing of the current comment.

You can also perform an action on multiple comments at once. First, you’ll need to select the comments for the bulk action, using the x key to check the checkbox for the currently selected comment. Shift-x can be used to toggle the checkboxes, inverting their state. Once you have some comments checked:

Pressing Shift-a approves the checked comments.
Pressing Shift-s marks the checked comments as spam.
Pressing Shift-d deletes the checked comments.
Pressing Shift-u unapproves the checked comments.
Pressing Shift-t moves the checked comments to the Trash.
Pressing Shift-z restores the checked comments from the Trash.


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