Is it better to use www or just the apex domain?

The choice between using “www” or an “apex domain” (also known as a “naked domain” or “root domain”) depends on your specific needs and preferences.

Using “www” in a domain name is the traditional way of accessing a website and it is still widely used. It is also the default configuration for many web hosting providers and website builders. Using “www” in a domain name can be useful if you want to differentiate between different subdomains on your website, for example, “” for the main website and “” for a blog.

On the other hand, an apex domain, or a naked domain, is the root domain without the “www” prefix. It’s becoming more popular among websites in recent years. It can be useful if you want a shorter and simpler domain name, as well as to avoid users to type the www.

Both options are completely valid, and it’s up to you to decide which one to use. You can also set up redirects so that users who type in one version of the domain name are automatically redirected to the other version. For example, you can configure your website to redirect users who type in “” to “” or vice versa.

It’s worth mentioning that most of the web browsers don’t require the www prefix, so you can use either version to access the website.


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