Installing and configuring MS SQL Server Express

This guidebook explains the procedure of setting up MS Web server 2017 Express on Web Server 2012 R2/2016/2019. Following , you will certainly obtain a ready-made tool for getting familiarized with the SQL programs language, for inspecting your own growths or releasing a little resource that does not require big quantities of storage space.

SQL Web Server 2017 Express Edition Limitations

This release is cost-free and also suitable for industrial usage, however has a variety of limitations:

Maximum variety of cpu cores: 4;
Maximum database dimension: 10 GB;
Optimum buffer pool size per database circumstances: 1410 MB.

If you need to exceed these limits, we recommend that you acquire a SQL Server Standard license.

Operating system needs

SQL Server 2017 Express is available for installment on the adhering to os:

Windows 8/8.1/ 10 as well as newer;
Windows Web server 2012, 2012 R2, 2016, 2019 as well as more recent.

Installation procedure

To install SQL Server 2017 Express, follow the link , select the installation language and click Download :

After launching the downloaded file, the installer will open a special window in which it will offer several installation options to choose from. To control installation options, select Custom :

Next, select the location where the installation will be downloaded, if necessary, change it to the desired one and click Install:

Wait for the installation files download process to complete:

Next, select the first installation item New SQL Server stand-alone installation :

Read the terms of the license agreement and click Next :

If you need to receive updates from Windows Update, check the box and click Next :

Read the warning about possible problems, and if there are none, click Next:

Go to the feature selection screen, where you can, if necessary, select or remove additional features for the database server, leave it unchanged and click Next :

Select a server name and ID. The server ID will be included in the installation path. Leave the default and click Next :

On the next screen, you can specify service accounts other than the standard ones and grant the right to perform volume maintenance tasks to the SQL Server Database Engine service, which will speed up file initialization, but the database can content. On the Collation tab , you can change the collation settings of the database engine. In the above example, we will grant privileges, leave the default sorting options, and click Next :

The next step in the installation is to configure the database engine configuration. For this, the following tabs are provided:

  • Server Configuration – indicates the method of authorization to the database: using Windows tools or mixed mode, which includes Windows authorization and native SQL Server authorization. If you select the second option, you must specify the SQL Server administrator password;
  • Data Directories – specifies the location of the SQL Server executable files and data;
  • TempDB – TempDB settings used by SQL Server internal resources, temporary user objects, and version storage.
  • User instances – allows you to grant rights to users who do not have administrator rights to run separate database instances;
  • FILESTREAM – turns on when it is necessary to use memory-optimized (Memory Optimized) tables.

Since Microsoft R (Machine Learning Services) and was selected during the installation by default, you should agree to the terms of its use at this and the next stage by successively clicking Accept and Next :

The installation process will start, after which the SQL Server 2017 Installer Completion window will appear. Click Close :

This completes the installation of SQL Server 2017 Express.


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