Increasing disk space in PFSense 2.3

After increasing the disk in the control panel, you need to make available to the operating system:

In order to check the correctness of the performed actions, you can use the commandgpart show -p

  1. Open a terminal (see connection instructions ) as root and enter the following commands:
  2. Select the menu item “Enter an option: 8
  3. Disable Swapswapoff //label/swap0
  4. Delete partition from Swapgpart delete -i 2 da0s1
  5. Expanding the first disk slicegpart resize -i 1 da0
  6. Applying Changesgpart commit da0s1
  7. Expanding the first disk partitiongpart resize -i 1 -s XG da0s1
  8. Adding a section with Swapgpart add -t freebsd-swap da0s1
  9. We put a label on the section with Swapglabel label swap0 /dev/da0s1bsed -i "" 's/dev/ufsid/[a-z0-9]*/dev/da0s1a/g' /etc/fstab
  10. Reboot the serverreboot
  11. Expanding the partition’s file systemgrowfs -y /dev/da0s1a



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