How to start selling on HostRooster® Marketplace

HostRooster® Marketplace is the best place to buy and sell digital services in the world. Share your skills with our community of buyers and make money at the same time. HostRooster is the place for you if you are a graphic designer, a programmer, a content writer, a translator, or a voice-over artist. Here are some great tips for getting started selling on HostRooster Marketplace.

Setting up your profile as a seller
Your profile is how you show the community who you are. We always urge people to be professional.

How to Make Your HostRooster® service
Your Gig is the service you offer to sell on HostRooster®. When you make your service, you can show off what you’re good at. You can also give buyers all the information they might need to decide whether or not to do business with you.

To start selling:

Make sure you’ve signed up for a HostRooster® seller account.

Video requirements overview
Adding a video about your service is one of the best ways to get people to buy it. Through video, you can give the service you’re offering a more personal touch. Make sure you follow the rules for the video.

Giving out packages
With packages, you can sell three different sets of services on your service Page. It’s a great way to give your buyers more options and get them to spend more.

Upselling: Getting Paid for Your Service
Use service extras to upsell your service before, during, and after an order to make the most money possible.

Sending buyer requests and custom offers
You can be proactive and offer your customized services to potential buyers if you send them custom offers.

  1. Do you have any tools that will help me run my freelance business?

You can easily send proposals, invoices, and keep track of your time and tasks with the HostRooster Workspace app, which used to be called AND.CO. Best of all, you can get it for free. Visit HostRooster Workspace to find out more.

  1. How can I become more professional and advance my career as a freelancer?

Do you want to know how to make more money as a freelancer online and give each customer a great experience?

It’s no secret that online freelancing is helping millions of people advance in their careers, take charge of their schedules, and live better lives. With HostRooster paving the way for so many successful and skilled freelancers, this is just the beginning.

You can live the life of a successful freelancer. First learn how HostRooster works, how to create your service the right way with killer descriptions and service images, how to convert potential customers, how to successfully manage and deliver projects, and more.


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