How to start buying on HostRooster® Marketplace

Learn the ins and outs of outsourcing so you can get the most out of HostRooster Marketplace. We’ll walk you through the steps to success, from finding a freelancer to getting packages sent to your virtual doorstep.

How to Use HostRooster
To use HostRooster Marketplace, just count to five…

  1. Search. Our freelancers can make what your business needs. With more advanced search tools, it’s now much easier to find what you want.
  2. Choose. Read reviews and look at work samples to find your perfect match. This will help you keep your standards high and your brand in line.
  3. Tell me more. Get in touch with the seller you’ve chosen to share your needs and get the right results.
  4. Make a request. Now go back to work and let the freelancers you hired on HostRooster do the work for you.
  5. Ding dong – delivery! Your completed order will be sent straight to your inbox. Give your approval and get ready for the next great thing.

How to do well on HostRooster:

Use filters to quickly find the best matches for your freelance work.

Check the exclusive seller levels on HostRooster Marketplace to make sure the seller is good.

Request a custom order from a seller for your unique needs.

Sign up for a seller’s service if you want to keep doing well.

With HostRooster freelancers, project deadlines and prices are already set.

The most popular services
Get ideas from our most popular categories including

  • Logo Design
  • Voice Over
  • Illustration
  • Changes in Photoshop
  • Articles and posts on a blog
  • WordPress

Everyone who wants to join HostRooster has to agree to the Terms of Service, just like you. Before you place an order with a freelancer, you can send them a message with an attachment of any extra documents you want them to sign, like a non-disclosure agreement. Before moving forward, freelancers must decide if they agree with your terms and sign your paperwork if they do. Please also remember that any extra agreements you make shouldn’t go against HostRooster’s Terms of Service.


How can I know I can trust sellers? Are there any caveats?

Our Terms of Service cover most things, including privacy, and HostRooster holds your money until your order is done. But since we can’t help with problems that happen outside of HostRooster, we ask that you don’t give out your personal contact information and don’t talk to people through other platforms.

What do I do if I have a problem with a seller in the middle of an order?

There are a few things you can do if you are unhappy with an ongoing order. First, we always suggest trying to work things out with the seller directly. Most of the time, we find that a little extra talk can help a lot. On every order page, there is also a place where you can ask to cancel the order. If you ever need help, our Customer Support team is there for you. Just give them a call and tell them about your order, and they will be happy to help.

What if the seller doesn’t meet my needs?

If you have a problem with a seller because of an order, you have 5 days after the order has been marked as complete to work things out. We can stop the order for you during this time. Once this time is up, the seller can take payment for the order back, and the order can only be canceled if the seller agrees. If you need more help, you can open a ticket here and talk to one of our Support Specialists.


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