How to create a routed network

In the control panel, instructions for building and configuring a routed network.

What exactly is it?

A routed network is a private network that already has a router with a public interface attached to it. All virtual servers in this network can connect to the Internet through a router and accept incoming connections via NAT.

The network cost is the sum of the router’s external IP address and the breadth of the communication channel.

How do you make a routed network?

To build a network, navigate to the Networks section in the left-hand vertical menu and click the Add network button.

Choose Routed as the kind. Choose the data center where the network will be built. If required, indicate the usage of DHCP – the network settings will be retrieved automatically in this case. Then, using the slider, determine the desired communication channel width.

Then, in CIDR format, provide the network address. The address supplied must be within one of the following ranges: –, –, –, –

In the final step, choose a suitable name and click Create.

Switch the Connect toggle switch to the active position and click Save to connect the server to the network. Only servers situated in the data center where this network is housed can be connected. When you connect to a network, your virtual server will get another network adapter, which must be setup at the operating system level.

You may configure a firewall for a routed network under the Firewall tab. Our instructions explain how to make rules.

VPN tunneling may be configured on the VPN tab. A explanation of the guidelines for making tunnels may be found here.

It is possible to create address translation rules under the NAT tab, as detailed in our  instructions.

To remove a network, confirm the deletion and click the relevant option in the Delete tab. You may also delete a network from the list by clicking on the cross.


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