How to add server to Windows system domain

The appearance of a new server is one of the major events in the growth and development of the local network. Consider how to add a new server to a that already exists.

The directory service Active Directory Domain Services is a implementation that provides centralized permission and authentication services. The advanced directory service Active Directory Domain Services in is designed for centralized data storage and administration. Security responsibilities include managing machines, users, and groups, as well as ensuring secure and centralized to network resources. A LAN is organized using AD DS.

Before starting setup.

It is required to create servers and domain controllers in order for the network and AD to function normally. To do so, click the option “Perform Windows system preparation” in the control panel of your personal account when ordering .

It is required to combine all of the machines into one private network at the end of the server building process. The servers will obtain additional network adapters and local IP addresses as a result of these activities.

The domain controller must first be configured and the user created.

Set up the network adapter.

We connect to the server via .

Open network settings. Select “IP version 4”.

We specify, as the primary server, the address of the server with the domain controller. Press the “OK” button.

We add the server to the domain.

To add a server to the domain, open the system properties. To do this, open Control Panel → System and Security → System (Or right-click on the “This ” icon, select “ Properties ” in the context menu).

In the window that opens, click on the link “ Change settings ”.

In the window that appears, specify the server description and click the “ Change ” button to change the working group to a domain.

We click on the switch that this computer is a member of a domain and specify the domain name.
Also, enter a friendly computer name.
To save the settings, click on the “ OK ” button.

The system will ask you to enter user data in order to be able to connect to the domain.

If the user data is correct, a system notification will appear.

You will also be prompted to restart the server.

The system will remind you of the need to restart again.

And offer to make a decision. If there are no urgent tasks, then restart the server.

Server connection.

We try to connect via the RDP protocol with the credentials of the created user, through the “@” (“dog”) icon we specify the domain.

If the connection was successful, the server was successfully added to the domain.

Although Windows recommends keeping the Firewall turned on for all networks, we recommend turning it off for the domain and private networks to reduce unpredictability. However, we recommend leaving it enabled on a public network.


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