HostRooster® Marketplace Glossary of Terms

HostRooster Marketplace, as you may have seen, has its own jargon. Learn the meanings of commonly used “HostRooster Marketplace language” words by consulting the HostRooster Marketplace glossary.


A member of the HostRooster marketplace community who has signed up to make a service purchase.


After signing up as a freelancer, you will be given the option to begin selling once you Join.

Specialized Deals

After an employer and freelancer have discussed a project, the employer might give the freelancer offers that are tailored to the employer’s specific requirements. There isn’t a better approach to boost customer happiness than this.


In this section, you’ll find a summary of your HostRooster statistics as well as a checklist of upcoming chores (e.g., deliver an order, respond to a message, etc.).


This is the profit you make from fulfilling requests.

Verified Pros

The HostRooster staff carefully selects the best-of-the-best professionals to become Verified Pros. HostRooster Pro vendors get access to perks such as increased visibility in searches conducted by customers looking for professional services, streamlined payment processing, increased pricing flexibility, and a dedicated Customer Success Manager.

Invoice from HostRoster

This MasterCard-powered debit card may be loaded with your hard-earned HostRooster profits and used just like any other credit card.


Your service can be purchased by any employer on HostRooster with just a few clicks. A service could be something like, “I will design a logo for $50.”

Service Add-ons

It’s a way to provide more of the same service to customers. If you offer a caricature (head and shoulders) drawing for $25, the service add-ons may suggest charging an extra $15 for a full-body caricature, $20 for a caricature with two persons, etc.

Service Description

With this function, you may use a term to describe the nature of your service. This will increase your service’s visibility when potential customers conduct searches on HostRooster using keywords related to your business. Metadata in voiceover services, for instance, may include such details as the language of the voiceover, the voice actor’s accent, and the format of the final file received by the customer. Depending on the specifics of your service, there may be restrictions on the types of details you provide.


Through this feature, customers can place bulk orders of a single service. If you’re selling logo designs and your base logo design service is $10, a customer who requires two logos can buy it twice (for $20).

Contradictions Cancel Each Other Out

The term “Mutual Cancellation” refers to the fact that either the buyer or the seller of an order might request that it be canceled. Cancellation of the order is contingent upon mutual agreement between the parties. If the other party to a mutual cancellation doesn’t respond within two days, the order will be canceled automatically. The number of days left before an order is canceled will be displayed on the progress bar, and the buyer and seller will be able to rescind the cancellation request at any time before the transaction is canceled. As soon as a transaction is finalized, it is no longer possible to request a mutual cancellation.


An order page is a document that is established between a buyer and a seller when a service is purchased.

Hide Profile

When you’re on vacation, too busy, or just need a break, you may hide your profile and inform your customers of your whereabouts and when you’ll be back in the office.

Center for Conflict Resolution
If you’re having trouble with an order, the Resolution Center is here to help. Before contacting Customer Support, please try to resolve the issue with the other party through direct messages.


You can choose to enable this feature on your service for buyers to leave comments and feedback as you work (until the customer is pleased).

Future Stars

The “Rising Talent” badge will be shown on the service’s thumbnail image if it has been hand-picked and featured on the homepage or a category page. The “Rising Talent” program is not open for applications or requests.


Successfully Rated Products (TRS)

HostRooster’s top-tier sellers have attained this badge through consistently excellent service. They are hand-picked by the HostRooster staff based on a variety of factors, such as their level of experience and sales volume as well as their reputation for providing excellent customer service and taking leadership roles in the host community. Best-in-Class Vendors get special treatment, such as early access to new tools and personalized assistance.


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