Cost of a website redesign?

Have you given any thought to the cost of a website redesign? The average will charge around $60 per hour. To employ a web designer for a business website, you should therefore set aside around $5,040 to $10,040; which will often cover domain registration, , , , and content production for a basic site. The price of maintenance and customer training is usually included in this estimation. A customized website will undoubtedly cost more, but ’s easy to calculate how much cash you’ll need from the onset.

Where to Start with Pricing?

The design of the price page can be billed hourly or as a one-time, all-site cost. The going pay for a freelance web designer is probably around $75/hour. This statistic is subject to change based on a variety of factors. While website production costs can range from $100 to 180 per hour, costs range from $27 to 60 per hour.

Freelance graphic design rates might be greater than an in-house site designer as they are not receiving health insurance or other perks that employees receive. The higher rate typically compensates freelancers for the lack of commitment from their clients, given that they have far less job stability and work from contract to contract. It’s reasonable to ask why an independent web designer would charge more or less than the going rate of $75 per hour before agreeing to their services. A freelancer may provide a discount if you are acquainted with them or run a charitable organization. The length of the job may also factor into whether or not they provide you with a sizable discount.

In contrast, the more pages you need to be developed, the more work a designer will have to undertake. To avoid any confusion, they will usually give you an up-front, fixed price. According to, the typical annual cost of a fully functional website is around $6,760 all in. These costs may change based on the web designer’s level of expertise and the complexity of the project.

So, how much do web designers charge?

A web designer working for themselves should strive for an hourly rate that covers their basic needs and company overhead. It’s best if they don’t try to charge full-time employee rates. This should give you a ballpark estimate of what it would cost to hire a freelance web designer.

Costs associated with running a web design business include a wide range of things, from electricity and internet to computers and employee benefits. A freelance web designer, on the other hand, must determine a minimum hourly charge to cover these costs. This is essential to the survival of the company. It would be unwise for them to make a precedent of charging less than their minimal hourly fee for graphic design services. The best way to ensure that a web designer takes the time to perform a good job, even if you have less work for them to complete, is to pay them well.

Web Designers’ Appropriate Hourly Rate

The average hourly wage for a beginner web designer is $36, with a range of $36 to $42. All online and graphic designers, including those employed by outside agencies, are often counted here. The hourly wage of a freelancer might increase because they don’t have the same fixed costs as an employer.

You should expect to pay more for a freelance web designer with more experience. That puts their hourly rate anywhere from $30 to $100. And the cost might go up from there depending on the specifics of your desired website.

Per-Site Pricing Structure for Web Designers

Freelance website design services might cost anything from $500 to $5,000 or more. The designer’s experience and the scope of the project will determine the flat fee. There will be an increase in price proportional to the number of pages you need.

A web designer can make blank templates of your website’s pages if they all appear identical. This strategy can help you save money and speed up the procedure significantly. Web designers may create blank templates for you to fill in with your own information, such as product pages for an online store. You should factor in the cost of web development into your budget for graphic design. Your freelancer will need to put in additional time and effort if your website development takes longer than expected. Some site designers undertake the role, while others hire one at a higher hourly fee.

It is reasonable to assume that web development service costs may rise if your website design requires frequent iterations and modifications.

The initial year of your website is likely to cost you the most money. Depending on the site designer you use, these costs might be as high as $1,000 a year. Plan out the style and functionality of your website before hiring a web designer so that they can better meet your needs. Web design costs will always vary according on the specifics of your project and the designer’s level of expertise. Compare and contrast many options before settling on one to ensure you’re receiving the greatest value possible.


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