But do you think the use of AI in search will render domain names useless?

Not necessarily. While may change the way people search for information, names still play an important role in how businesses and individuals themselves online. A memorable and relevant can a website stand out and be easily found, even if search algorithms become more advanced.

Additionally, may still be used as a factor in search rankings, as they currently are. Even if AI becomes more sophisticated, search engines will still need to rely on some form of classification and organization to deliver relevant results to users. Domain names provide a clear and concise way to categorize and can help search engines determine their relevance to a particular search query.

It’s also worth noting that while AI has the potential to improve search accuracy, it may not be perfect. There may still be gaps in AI’s understanding of human intent and context, which means that domain names could still serve as a valuable tool for businesses and individuals to establish their online identity and connect with their target audience.

Overall, while the rise of AI may change the way people search for information online, it’s unlikely that it will render domain names useless. Rather, domain names will continue to play a vital role in online and discovery, even as search algorithms become more sophisticated.


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