Mediocrity programming

The foundation of computer science is the idea of developing programs. In the contemporary sphere, it is sometimes eclipsed by more entertaining subjects like app development or AI. However, if programs aren’t planned and written correctly, they won’t function in an efficient and accurate way, therefore basically none of these factors matter. It also implies that the program is operable. It goes without saying that knowledge of programming languages is necessary for creating software that is even halfway competent. The issue is that there is a ton of subpar software out there that was created by writers who lacked true programming knowledge. Just as understanding C, C++, and Java doesn’t provide you much programming variety, learning simply one programming language, such as Java or Python, does not make you an all-encompassing programmer (they are all C derivatives). Software design mediocrity is another indicator of a lack of thinking outside of the digital realm. Software shouldn’t be developed by developers ignoring the actual world; this is often seen through improper user interfaces. Sometimes this is a result of people not thinking. Here is an example, one that I have already hinted at: the Presto system used by the TTC. The TTC offers no feedback on the usage of Presto, but many other transport systems do. What is the TTC’s justification? Privacy. Does convenience take precedence over privacy, even if it is important? I say no, and here’s why. When I use Mississauga Transit, it shows me how much money is still on my card and how much of my two-hour transfer I have remaining when I change buses. The amount of time it is shown is just enough for me to see this really helpful information, but folks around either don’t see it or don’t give a damn. I must to log into Presto with the TTC in order to see how much money is still on my card, which is a headache. a two-hour transfer Keep in mind the precise moment you boarded the first car.


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