The Gstatic server is where stores its static content, such as style sheets, Javascript, and image files, and the domain is owned and used by Google for this purpose. Google’s content is hosted on that server so that it can be delivered more quickly and with less of an impact on the network.

Subdomains Domains

Below, we list all of the subdomains that Gstatic offers, and later in this article, we discuss some of these subdomains in more detail.

Is Gstatic harmful software/a virus?

Since Gstatic is a Google-operated server, both its main domain and any of its child domains are completely virus-free.

Does Gstatic use tracking software?

We all know that Google is a technological behemoth and that its products are used by billions of people around the world. reports that Gstatic tracks roughly 39.6 percent of internet traffic. A growing percentage of Gstatic is being used to track user activity, but you can rest assured that it is only being used to deliver content and not collect any personally identifiable information.

Are You Able to Get Rid of Gstatic?

As mentioned, Gstatic is used by multiple Google products for faster content delivery, but many people want to get rid of it because they believe it is malware that causes issues like annoying pop-ups and errors.


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