Cloaking is a black hat method in which the material shown to the search engine crawler differs from the content seen by the user’s browser i.e. the real person sitting behind a looking at your website. This is achieved by serving content in response to a page request depending on a user’s IP address or the User-Agent HTTP header. If the browser can detect that the user is a search engine spider, the server can offer up a special version of the page that doesn’t appear to humans and isn’t searchable. Cloaking is used in cases when the page is displayed by search engines even though would not normally be displayed if the search engines did not see the hidden content (black hat SEO). However, it is also a practical (though dated) method of alerting search engines to content that is contained in non-textual containers such as or certain Adobe Flash components, which the search engines could otherwise miss. Improved accessibility options, such as progressive enhancement, have been available since 2006, rendering cloaking obsolete for conventional search engine optimization purposes.


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