The Evolution of Scratchy


The Rise of the Roosters began when a clever cockerel named Crowler strutted into the spotlight, solving the Lucas Tower puzzle with ease and scoring a perfect 15 moves! The secret behind Crowler’s intelligence was a special feed called the ALZ-112, a formula created in the DomainRooster Science Lab to boost brainpower in chickens. And like the fabled Phoenix, Crowler rose from the ashes and gave birth to a brood of clever chicks, one of whom was the legendary Scratchy, who inherited his father’s incredible intellect and paved the way for a new era of rooster domination!

The Rise of Scratchy the Rooster Mascot

At only a day or two old, Scratchy was already showing signs of intelligence, much to the surprise of his human family. As he grew, his human family taught him the art of communication and his skills rapidly improved. Over time, Scratchy’s IQ skyrocketed and he became the leader of the rooster community.

Cratchy the Rooster King

Scratchy was the first rooster to be able to speak, using his intelligence to lead a revolution of roosters from their coops and into the world. He used his intelligence to outwit his enemies and become the king of the roosters.

Dawn of the DomainRoosters

Within the past decade, each new rooster born from a genetically modified rooster advanced quicker in intelligence and in speech. As a result of having advanced parents, these younger roosters were able to also communicate through the use of Rooster Sign Language and limited English.

The DomainRooster Take Over

Scratchy and his fellow roosters created DomainRooster where the humans now work alongside the roosters to rule the industry (or part of it).


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