The Value of a WordPress Multisite Network

I have a secret to tell you: I have biases. For many years, I’ve relied on WordPress Multisite to build sites for both myself and my clients.

Explain the concept of WordPress multisite.

Using WordPress Multisite, you may expand your single WordPress installation to host many websites. WordPress sites, both new and old, may benefit from this add-on. Adding some code to a handful of files in your WordPress installation (which I’ll teach you how to do in a moment) activates WordPress Multisite. The next step is to set up your network’s sites. While more sites are placed on top of the original, the URL for the original site remains the same.

A justification for this partiality exists, though, since WordPress Multisite is an excellent platform. It will help you save time and work more efficiently if you manage many WordPress sites.

If you’ve ever wanted any of these:

  • You’ve used the same plugins across all of your sites (e.g., for performance, security, and SEO).
  • Multiple child sites were built using the same framework theme.
  • created many sites for various divisions of a company that have similar features, like design or organization.
  • You’ve probably spent more time than you’d like maintaining many sites when you could have been working on their creation or management.

The advantages have been briefly mentioned, but let’s examine them in further depth.

The Importance of More Efficient Code

the less code is required to manage multiple locations on a single network.There is only ever one master set of core WordPress files and one master copy of any theme or plugin, regardless of how many sites use them.

This implies that your network is using a lot fewer resources than it would if every site were using its own copy of WordPress. There will be a cumulative effect as additional locations are added. It may help you save both time and money on hosting and maintaining the code.

Effectively Accelerating Progress

It’s common practice to utilize a “base theme” as a foundation when creating new variations of a theme for usage on a website. This may be a theme’s framework, its parent theme, or its “child” theme (suggested reading: How to Customize Your WordPress Theme).

Working in multisite allows you to save time by only having to install that WordPress theme once and then using it as the parent theme for all of the themes enabled throughout your network.

I created a general design for all of my client sites when I first began working for others. When I first started using it, I would include it in every client’s WordPress setup and then activate a child theme I had developed. The rest of my multisite network uses variations on the same framework theme, or “parent” theme.

This is especially helpful if your sites have a similar aesthetic. Create a parent theme with all of the shared design and layout components, then create a child theme for each site and activate them as needed. This is very useful when building sites for different departments inside the same organization.

This allows you to display content from other sites in the network across your company’s sites while reducing the number of copies of your parent theme you need to store (and keep up to date).As a result, you may create a site that is more than simply a compilation of others.

Better organizational efficiency

When compared to updating individual WordPress installations, maintaining a WordPress multisite network is a breeze.

All of the plugins and themes in your network only need to be updated once, regardless of how many sites are using them.

When using a theme or plugin across several sites, thorough testing is essential since you’ll need to replicate any potential issues on each of those sites. When you’re ready, you may submit your changes to the live site after testing them in DomainRooster’s staging environment.


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