The 5 Fundamental Ways Real-Time Counts

Compared to other costs, lost productivity is the most significant. However, outdated NAS file systems that continually impede processes cause many large international firms to waste time on a daily basis.

You’re probably utilizing file network technology that’s 30 years old, and ’s creating what you would call “micro downtime.” Since you outgrew just one location, you’ve probably come to embrace it as a necessary component of doing business.

Every useless minute does come at a severe cost, however. Those minutes add up to a lot of discomfort over the course of a year in two different places.

– The first hurt your company by making routine business operations take longer than they should. That indicates that you are serving clients, reacting to changes, or entering the market more slowly than you should be.

The second is far more significant but not immediately apparent. We’ll refer to it as the expense of missed chances.

According to Deloitte, businesses with a collaborative approach are more likely to expand than their rivals and increase profits. That’s essential because teamwork makes things happen quicker and better.

Businesses may use collective knowledge and abilities to develop, innovate, and continuously generate value via collaboration, which is simply not feasible when individuals operate in silos.

Effective collaboration is either made possible for firms with several locations by technology that permits real-time data visibility or is hampered by cumbersome, sluggish files or data exchange.

Businesses that are unable to use their talent pool fully lose far more than just productive time. They lose the capacity to develop quickly enough to separate themselves from rivals and guarantee their future.

There is little question that file system technology significantly impacts an organization’s capacity to exploit collaboration, even while other elements, such as team structure and business culture, also play a part.

If you don’t fix your NAS file systems, which are sluggish and designed for a single location, your teams will be subject to five serious problems that will decrease productivity:

– Sluggish file open speeds – Slow file browsing

– Conflicting file versions – Delayed file change updates – Redundant backup and disaster recovery methods

You don’t have to let your performance “die by a thousand cuts,” but you’ll need the correct tool to modify it.

Utilize Global File Systems to Access Real-Time Workflows

Real-time value ultimately depends on how much time you’re wasting with your existing solutions.

You already know that your outdated file system might result in laborious, sluggish operations. Consequently, switching to a current solution may not be worth it in the long run due to your team’s wasted time.

A global file system like DomainRooster Platform could be the solution you’re searching for if you think the hazards are not worth the effort.

When you contact us, one of our professionals will be there to take your call and walk you through a customized solution for your company.


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