Test environments on shared hosting

In order for the end user to appreciate the benefits of a software product, do a lot of work before presenting the final release. And one of the important steps is testing, thanks to which flaws can be identified at various stages of development. For these purposes, many companies use virtual as the most convenient platform for deploying environments.

What is a test for?

As you know, new services are created in the development environment and, they are ready, they are transferred to the production environment. But before a can be made available for general use, it needs to be tested to see if it works. For these purposes, test environments are created, which act as a kind of testing ground, where all kinds of checks are carried out. It is important to understand that the testing process requires a systematic approach and using best practices for this is not enough. To get results, it is necessary to organize the process correctly from the very beginning. First you need to decide on the goals, scope, testing methodology and take care of preparing the test environment.

Today, many organizations, including development teams, are moving away from traditional approaches to organizing test environments. If earlier, for these tasks, they deployed their own infrastructure, which required separate support and additional financial injections, now more economical options are more often preferred. One of them is virtual hosting, which is one of the convenient options for organizing the testing process, which has a number of competitive advantages. It is noteworthy that the test environments deployed on the basis of virtual hosting eliminate the downtime of their own servers, since there is no need to use them. Instead, you get the virtual resources you need without losing quality.

In recent times, most applications are built to be accessible through a standard Internet browser, and they also need code-level sanity checks. It is very important that the application accurately replicates the user experience. In addition, it is important to get feedback on the performance and reliability of the service. Using shared hosting for these tasks, you can get an almost instant response and feedback regarding the functionality and consistency of a particular solution.

Test Environment Example

Suppose you need to set up an environment for testing a new application. To solve this problem, it is enough to contact the cloud provider and request resources for organizing a test environment. After the client is given access to the management console, the required resources are allocated, which are used when deploying the solution under test. And after the completion of the verification processes and the identification of bugs, the used capacities can be returned and used for other tasks. This approach facilitates resource sharing and prevents downtime for underutilized hardware.


Test environment for load testing


Test environment for temporary use


Shared hosting is also great for web application load testing and demo purposes. Since there is no need to use the company’s infrastructure, testing takes place without affecting in-house facilities. Due to the possibility of consuming the allocated resources, you can get not approximate, but exact results.


A test environment based on shared hosting is for temporary projects. Often there are situations when you need to deploy a web application, check its functionality and, if it works correctly, transfer it to the customer. In such a scenario, there is no need to use shared hosting on an ongoing basis. After identifying and fixing bugs, the test environment is deactivated and used in the as needed.


Shared hosted test environments keep costs to a minimum and significantly speed up test cycles. Such an environment can be deployed in the shortest possible time, choosing the optimal configuration for yourself. As a result, the client receives a more efficient and relatively inexpensive solution, thanks to which testing and development projects are implemented with minimal costs.


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