Saving money on backup or utilizing the cloud effectively

Having lost access to the necessary data: commercial documents, current projects, we find ourselves in a very unpleasant situation. Due to hardware failures and virus programs, businesses lose documents, money and reputation, and private users are deprived of the information they need.

Backup methods

To save your data, you need to make regular backups. To do this, you can use a local disk, a network storage system, or a specialized cloud. Strictly speaking, even a flash drive can come in handy in some cases.

Any of these methods allows you to recover data, but not all of them are equally beneficial and convenient.

With a high-speed Internet connection, the most popular protection method is cloud backup.

It is chosen because it:

  • guarantees the possibility of recovering information, even if the equipment is stolen or out of order;
  • does not require additional configuration and administration for backups;
  • has unlimited storage capacity.

But when choosing to back up to the cloud, users often face rising service costs as the amount of data they store increases.

How to reduce web cloud backup costs

The following methods help you save money:

Deduplication – duplicate files or file fragments are not saved twice. For example, if you store multiple batches of documents that have the same illustrations, the system will only record them once.

Compression – makes it possible for compact storage of various information, especially large tables, databases and documents.

Selective backup – the user saves the data he selects.

Reducing storage time is a reasonable compromise when backing up data: after all, not all files need indefinite storage, so the user can choose the optimal time for him up to 28 days.  

Hybrid cloud redundancy is a new approach that involves the constant transfer of data between your own servers and the provider’s cloud resources. The process takes place in a pre-created and configured hybrid cloud.

Incremental backup saves time and resources by adding only changed information to backups. Incremental backups make copies faster and take up less space.

Limit the number of backups – manage the process and create a single copy of all important data in the cloud in a user-friendly format.

Using a virtual server

Cloud backup is most beneficial for virtual machine users who rent a cloud server. They keep copies of important documents, adjusting the necessary server settings – from capacity to processor and memory resources – and provide the necessary speed for the backup and disaster recovery system.

Cloud backup services can be part of a hybrid infrastructure that combines cloud servers and in-house IT resources. Lost information is recovered in a few minutes, because information systems are deployed both on their servers and in a virtual environment.

Benefits of cloud backup

The cost of cloud backup directly depends on process optimization. For example, in DomainRooster you pay for the resources used, the fee is charged every 10 minutes. Reasonable backup with deduplication, compression and other optimization methods turns out to be more profitable than traditional backup schemes, accompanied by the purchase of equipment, maintenance of servers and software.


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