Partnership of DomainRooster and ITGLOBAL.COM

ITGLOBAL.COM just announced a new partnership with Netooze® a DomainRooster brand. The alliance of two companies enables them to share marketplace ideas, technical expertise, resources, and knowledge.

“I am excited about the strategic partnership which will help DomainRooster to scale its cloud based business more quickly, continue to build innovative solutions for our customers, enter new markets, and pool valuable expertise and resources. That would be impossible in a solo venture. And, in a business environment that values speed and innovation, this is a game-changer.” – said Dean Jones, CEO at DomainRooster Ltd.

While DomainRooster continues to develop and expand its Cloud infrastructure platform capabilities including its core offering of enterprise-grade vStack and VMware virtualization environments.

“Every year, between six and eight million enterprises are launched, with the bulk of them relying on the cloud. The ubiquitous availability of DomainRooster cloud technology infrastructure will continue to help eliminate barriers to entry for entrepreneurs of all backgrounds and levels of skill. Remote-working technologies will also make it easier for these entrepreneurs to find talent outside of their immediate geographic boundaries.I’m very excited about the prospects this partnership will bring. Our position should improve the market position of both companies. We are already collaborating on innovative products and services. The first joint success of the new alliance is already evidenced as DomainRooster has already expanded its network structure to include a direct network connection to the ITGLOBAL.COM Backbone.” – said Dean.

“We are thrilled to start this partnership with Netooze® and technologically support them for the benefits of their valuable customers. I expect we will be able to deliver the best IT solutions and services with the highest quality together. I hope our synergy will help final customers to reach their business KPIs, increase operational efficiency and cover important IT needs.” –commented Oleg Arsenyev, International Business Development Director of ITGLOBAL.COM

DomainRooster plans to introduce application hosting in the near future to enable customers to install web applications on their web space with a click of the mouse which will increasingly address users who use the Internet but do not want to acquire a great deal of technical know-how because whether you are running an online business or you are in the mood of starting a blog.

There is a growing need for cloud services because the era of server-based hosting has passed.

This new partnership enables customers to benefit from:

  1. Creating multiple server instances using the same account
  2. Offers great performing servers
  3. Easy to set up and provides support for various operating systems
  4. DomainRooster is an ideal option for those people who provide managed hosting services for web applications or websites in shared environments
  5. Great tool for tech-savvy start-ups
  6. Works on What You See Is What You Pay model
  7. Has a user-friendly management interface
  8. Pricing is very affordable and scalable
  9. The time to create a ready-to-run VM is no more than 40 seconds (including VMs with Windows Server OS)
  10. DNS Management: Manage the DNS settings of your domains
  11. Well-documented FAQ and tutorials

A new era of inclusivity, collaboration, and creativity is on the horizon, and DomainRooster will play a key role. A free test account can be requested without obligation from our support.

The new vStack server starts from $4.95 per month for an entry-level server, only has a one-month minimum contract period, and includes a satisfaction SLA guarantee.

DomainRooster is a services provider of virtual infrastructure rental services, SSL certificates, DNS hosting, and more. If you are interested in renting a VPS server, just go to our company’s website ( and choose the best configuration.

ITGLOBAL.COM is a global IT integrator and service provider with unique experience implementing IT infrastructure projects and developing special solutions since 2008. ITGLOBAL.COM manages information systems, acts as an integrator, provides information security services, and develops ITSM solutions for automating business processes.


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