How to Repurpose Instagram Content

It’s never been easier to create content on Instagram than now. With the power of repurposing, you can now use content created for other platforms on Instagram. This feature is especially useful for non-visual brands.

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Utilize IGTV

With Instagram TV, you can now easily use videos originally made for YouTube or Facebook in the app. Trimming and resizing videos is straightforward, especially with tools like Kapwing that are dedicated to converting videos for use across different social media platforms. 

Instagram’s algorithm likes showing IGTV videos to users who are hungry for video content – so it’s a win for you and your audience!

Create Video Clips and Teasers

Besides posting entire videos on IGTV, you can also create short teasers that promote the whole piece. These shorter clips allow you to create multiple posts from one piece of the full content. 

Like text posts that focus on an entire blog post, you can create teaser clips of a larger video to focus on specific parts of the video content. 

Create an Instagram Guide

To take advantage of longer-form written content, you can curate it into a guide. Although this feature was initially created to share information regarding COVID-19, users are quietly starting to use it as a way to repurpose old blog posts. 

With Instagram Guides, you can collect past posts and create them into a scrollable sequence. Shareable URLs make it possible to share these to your stories and feed. 

When you create Instagram Guides, your audience can easily access complete pieces of content without leaving Instagram. 

Instagram Carousels

Known as the most engaging post types on Instagram, carousels are perfect for sharing longer-form written content originally created on other platforms. 

If you’re using carousels to create content for your Instagram, you can summarize sections into 1-2 slides and use a caption to introduce it all and get your audience hooked to swipe through. 

If you’re using carousels to drive your audience to other sites with the whole story, you can create exciting teaser pieces from the original content and use a CTA on the last slide to drive people to check out the full content.

Screenshot Content

Never forget about screenshotting! Whether you’re using tweets or quotes shared on Facebook, screenshot the best ones and share them on Instagram. 

You can use many design templates to create outstanding graphics for quotes that make it look like tweets even when you haven’t tweeted anything. 

It’s been proven that quotes shared as screenshots perform excellently on Instagram compared to sharing the exact quote in a different graphic style. 

Create Story Highlights

Another great way to repurpose content is by using content already posted on Instagram itself. 

Sharing highlights in your stories about content shared on your feed helps you reach more of your audience. Many people prefer tapping to scrolling, and besides this, content shared in your stories can be saved at the top of your profile to create evergreen content. 


While aesthetic images once made Instagram what it is today, these are becoming less important for brand growth. 

Brands need to use multimedia to share content containing interesting information. With the helpful tips above, you can easily repurpose informative content created for other websites and platforms on Instagram. 


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