How Prince2 Is the Ticket for Success for German Manufacturing Company Scheidt & Bachmann Gmbh

AXELOS, the owner of the Global Best Practice Portfolio, has profiled an award-winning PRINCE2 ® project in its latest case study.   Scheidt & Bachmann GmbH, the global solutions provider, describe how PRINCE2 – the world’s most popular project management methodology – helped them design and develop the hardware and software required for a new type of ticket machine for the German rail company Bayerische Oberlandbahn – and manufacture and install 64 of the new machines to a challenging deadline.  

Originally a mechanical engineering company, Scheidt & Bachmann was established in 1872 and remains a family owned company. With 24 subsidiaries and more than 2,600 employees worldwide, Scheidt & Bachmann now provides technology solutions across a number of sectors. The fare collection systems division was created in 1978 and is a global leader in fare collection technology.

The award-winning project was centred around a new German rail infrastructure – the Meridian Line – that would open in December 2013 and be operated by Bayerische Oberlandbahn. Scheidt & Bachmann received an order in March 2013 to supply and install new ticket machines for the Meridian Line by 14 December 2013, the non-negotiable date for new stations to be operational. This posed a challenge to deliver a new customer-specific model of ticket machine in time. The project required new hardware design and the production of a prototype device for customer approval, as well as significant software development.

Mike Acaster, PPM portfolio manager for AXELOS said: “This is a fantastic example of PRINCE2 being used to ensure that a complex and demanding project is delivered as effectively as possible. Among the benefits of using PRINCE2, Scheidt & Bachmann found that applying PRINCE2 principles and processes increased common understanding and simplified decision making where differing priorities were involved.

“The use of PRINCE2 improved delivery and customer satisfaction in a project that, from the start, had challenging and immoveable deadline dates while introducing technical innovation.”

Daniel Weber, head of technical project management at Scheidt & Bachmann said: “PRINCE2 provided the perfect management approach for a project of this sort. Without an effective project management approach in place this delivery would have been extremely challenging. There were many complex requirements that needed to be successfully met in a very short timeframe, without any room for error. In the end, we delivered an excellent result for Bayerische Oberlandbahn – and have produced a new product which we are already marketing to other customers.”

Jürgen Kindler, project manager for Bayerische Oberlandbahn said: “Due to Scheidt & Bachmann’s effort and determination we were able to complete the project successfully within the time frame. Problems were communicated openly and solved quickly, which has greatly contributed to its success.  

The full case study can be found on the AXELOS website:

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