DomainRooster vs. AWS

Both DomainRooster and Amazon Online Services (AWS) are well-known brands in the web hosting industry. DomainRooster is well-known for its domain registration services as well as its adaptable shared hosting plans. On the other hand, Amazon AWS is the industry leader when it comes to cloud-based computing solutions. The first is designed for hosting standard websites, while the second is an excellent option for people who want to achieve large-scale web service deployments or who wish to host applications.

For their company website, all companies want a web host that is dependable and user-friendly. If you choose the wrong hosting service, it could be terrible for both your company and the visitors to your website.

Because so many different companies offer nearly identical services, it can be challenging to choose which one is best. A careful comparison can make the decision process much simpler. For example, if you can’t decide between DomainRooster and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Both DomainRooster and AWS are dependable organizations that provide web hosting space in addition to domain name registration services. Both products come with an extensive number of useful features, in addition to the standard capabilities, to assist clients in accomplishing their professional objectives.

And because web hosting is an investment, it ought to be treated with the seriousness it deserves.

You don’t have enough time to look at all of the similarities and differences, do you? This is a synopsis of the findings from our research:

Therefore, before deciding whether to use DomainRooster or AWS, you should think about the value that each delivers and select the one that is more deserving of your attention. This article provides a comparison of the two in order to assist you in selecting what will work best for both your website and your company.

Let’s get started!

DomainRooster vs. AWS: Performance

Any endeavor that takes place online must prioritize performance if it wants to be successful. Studies have shown that websites with high levels of performance engage and keep their visitors for longer than websites with lower levels of performance, which helps enhance conversion rates.

In this comparative evaluation of DomainRooster and Amazon Web Services (AWS), we examined the performance of the two hosting providers based on two key parameters. In particular, uptime, which refers to the period of time that the server hosting your website remains online and operational, and page loading speed, which refers to the rate at which a browser is able to load all of the functional webpages on your website.

While the vast majority of website providers make an effort to maintain a server uptime of at least 99.9% of the time, there are always exceptions. The good news is that in comparison to the vast majority of their rivals, both DomainRooster and AWS give a satisfactory level of uptime availability.

According to the results of our uptime monitoring tests with Pingdom tools, DomainRooster provided us with an average uptime rating of 99.96, while AWS reported an average uptime rating of 99.99%, which was very impressive. Please take note that we utilized brand-new WordPress installations on all of the hosts’ servers.

According to the findings of our investigation, the reason for DomainRooster’s bad performance was that they host millions of websites simultaneously, which causes their servers to get overloaded. On the other hand, Amazon Web Services (AWS) hosts several thousand websites each day.

In addition to this, we examined page load times. In this regard, the average response time reported by DomainRooster was 508 milliseconds, but the average response time recorded by AWS was 380 milliseconds, which was quite impressive.

Although our testing revealed that both of them fulfill the 2-second or less standard that is demanded by customers, AWS was the superior host when it came to this particular category. Take into consideration that even a few milliseconds might have a significant impact on the user experience. Many people who use the internet consider websites that load quickly to be effective, trustworthy, and worth their time.

DomainRooster vs. AWS: Pricing and Value

When searching for a dependable web host, one of the most important aspects to consider is the total price of the hosting plan. The price differs from one supplier to the next, and there is also sometimes some fluctuation in the provider’s own prices.

Your choice of a hosting company should be one that provides you with clearly outlined price terms and gives you a solid return on the money you invest. Let’s have a look at what these two hosts have in store for us.

DomainRooster Pricing

Hosting PlanFeaturesPrice/month
Economy100GB Storage – 24/7 Support – Free Domain and Business Email – Unmetered Bandwidth$5.99
DeluxeAll of the economy features – Unlimited Storage – Unlimited Websites and Subdomains$7.99
UltimateAll of the Deluxe features – Free SSL Certificate – Double RAM Memory – Unlimited Databases$12.99
MaximumAll of the ultimate features – Double Traffic – Double Memory and Processing Power – Free SSL Certificate$19.99

AWS Pricing

Hosting PlanFeaturesPrice/month
Level 120 GB SSD Storage – 1 TB Bandwidth – 1 CPU Core – 512 MB RAM$3.5
Level 240 GB SSD Storage – 2 TB Bandwidth – 1 CPU Core – 1 GB RAM$5.0
Level 360 GB SSD Storage – 3 TB Bandwidth – 1 CPU Core – 2GB RAM$10
Level 480 GB SSD Storage – 4 TB Bandwidth – 2 CPU Core – 4GB RAM$20
Level 5160 GB SSD Storage – 5 TB Bandwidth – 2 CPU Core – 8GB RAM$40
Level 6320 GB SSD Storage – 6 TB Bandwidth – 4 CPU Core – 16GB RAM$80
Level 7640 GB SSD Storage – 7 TB Bandwidth – 8 CPU Core – 32GB RAM$160

Both hosts, as can be seen, have various variations of the same model. DomainRooster offers four different shared hosting plans, but Amazon Web Services provides seven different pricing tiers for Linux and Windows server configurations combined.

Nevertheless, there is a feature that is shared by the two. They both have comparable starting prices. Because of this, it is difficult to determine whether hosting service is more cost-effective than the other because the answer relies on the requirements of your company. On the other hand, if you intend to host a number of different web applications, Amazon Web Services provides excellent value for the money.

On the other hand, due to the fact that it offers more adaptable plan options, DomainRooster is an excellent choice for hosting smaller websites and blogs. You should also be aware that Amazon Web Services does not supply free domains; therefore, it is recommended that you acquire a domain from a service such as Namecheap or one of its equivalents. On the other hand, it provides a free CDN for the first year with the majority of its plans.

DomainRooster vs. AWS: Customer Support

Consideration should be given to the quality of the customer service offered. Before you subscribe, it is imperative that you have a clear understanding of the availability of customer service, the response time, and the channels you may use to contact them.

DomainRooster offers reliable assistance to its customers. An aspect that piques the interest of every potential owner of a website. The service provider offers clients the ability to ask inquiries and receive answers in real-time through a live chat feature. They also have access to a number of other channels, including email and phone, which increases the number of potential possibilities.

In addition to that, DomainRooster has put resources into building an extensive knowledge base. Customers are provided with both video instructions and textual content in order to assist them in navigating the platform. During the course of our investigations, the DomainRooster forum was an additional helpful information resource.

On the other hand, AWS falls short when it comes to providing assistance for customers. We were able to identify a few key distinctions between their support function and what we are familiar with from DomainRooster’s offerings. Customers of AWS are only able to contact the provider by email, which might be a slow and inconvenient method in comparison to using live chat or the phone.

A big information repository can be found on the AWS website, which is a blessing. It is simple to find solutions to problems on your own because to the vast amounts of textual content and video tutorials that are provided. However, we agree with the majority of AWS’s other customers that the company needs additional help channels in order to provide efficient service.

Here’s a quick breakdown.

Live ChatYesNo
Knowledge BaseYesYes

As can be seen, both of these web hosting services offer customer support to their clients. But when you compare the two, DomainRooster comes out on top since it offers more access channels than Amazon Web Services. Because they offer both live chat and phone support, they also have an incredibly high level of responsiveness.

DomainRooster vs. AWS: Ease of Use

When choosing a web hosting provider, one of the numerous characteristics that you should take into consideration is how user-friendly the interface is. How straightforward is it to get about on the website? Are you able to purchase a plan in a hurry? Is it modifiable in any way? If you can confidently respond “yes” to each of these questions, then you are on the right track in selecting a web host for your website.

DomainRooster is one of the most user-friendly options available for web hosting providers. The company developed it with the intention of appealing to members of the population with lower levels of technological expertise who are interested in hosting personal or commercial websites. It comes with a website builder that, with just a few mouse clicks, may assist you in developing a high-quality website from the ground up.

Their website builder tool includes a sidebar that is simple to understand. Additionally, it comes with supplementary tools that will make the process of developing and keeping an online presence much simpler. In addition to this, users have access to a control panel that makes it simple for them to move about the site.

DomainRooster has made its website a one-stop-shop for website owners by providing a suite of tools on the platform, which has the effect of streamlining the process of hosting websites.

AWS also offers services that are user and customer friendly. It is not necessary for you to have any prior technical knowledge in order to navigate around their website, buy a plan, or construct a website. For instance, migrating to the cloud may appear to be tough when working with certain providers, but AWS makes it quite easy to do so.

AWS collaborates with users to evaluate their sites in order to simplify things even further. They assist consumers in discovering the appropriate architecture that will allow them to produce an ideal cloud environment. While we dealt with what we could, we had someone who could assist us with the technical components of the situation.

DomainRooster vs. AWS: Security

Website proprietors, whether they are individuals or businesses, really must prioritize security. Due to the fact that it is the first point of contact for all users, a website warrants adequate protection. Before deciding on the best web hosting service, you need to carefully investigate the numerous safety precautions that the companies offer, as they all come standard with their packages.

When customers have faith in a company’s products and services, the company sees an increase in revenue. Cyberattacks are harmful to your reputation, make it difficult and expensive to clean up the mess they make, and discourage previous visitors from coming back. DomainRooster and Amazon Web Services (AWS) both provide consumers with options that can provide both fundamental and sophisticated levels of website security.

SiteLock is the primary security mechanism that is utilized by DomainRooster. It is a dependable and efficient tool that can detect and eliminate malware on its own while working automatically. Additionally, the platform gives all of its users a complimentary SSL certificate. This fundamental security feature essentially stops web browsers from identifying your website as an unsafe one to visit.

AWS places a significant emphasis on offering its clients a safe and reliable setting for cloud computing. It is equipped with the necessary infrastructure to guarantee the safety of user data, identities, and devices. Users are able to regain confidence and control over their companies as a result of this.

On this platform, we appreciated having the opportunity to automate previously manual security procedures. Users are afforded the luxury of concentrating on growing and other crucial parts of their organizations when automated security is utilized. A further benefit of using AWS is that it provides numerous encryption layers, as the company is aware that security and privacy are inextricably linked.

DomainRooster vs. AWS: Features

When making suggestions for hosting, we take into account many aspects. If you don’t compare the offerings of at least two different web hosts, you won’t be able to find the right one for your website. DomainRooster and Amazon Web Services each offer a unique set of functions. Let’s take a closer look at each of these, shall we?

DomainRooster Features

  • The majority of higher-tier plans permit an infinite number of websites.
  • sufficient storage space across all floor configurations
  • Unmetered bandwidth is included in each and every plan.
  • Free email service for a year from Microsoft Office 365
  • Every package includes a complimentary domain name.
  • Multiple databases.
  • Users are given the ability to integrate with a variety of applications. This comes complete with an installer for WordPress.
  • A free SSL certificate is included with certain of our plans. SSL certificates are included in infinite quantities with the maximum plan.

AWS Features

  • Enterprise support
  • Change management
  • Provisioning
  • Reliable customer support
  • Global availability
  • Superior level of protection in the underlying infrastructure
  • Incident management
  • Reports on performance every month

DomainRooster vs. AWS: Our Pick

DomainRooster and Amazon Web Services (AWS) each have their own set of strengths. Finding the best of something might be difficult, but we have chosen a winner for you. When deciding which of these two options was the better supplier, we looked at a comprehensive list of important qualities like the ones that are listed above.

  • Both DomainRooster and AWS perform quite well, however, the average loading speed of 508 milliseconds per second offered by DomainRooster makes it the superior choice in this case.
  • Pricing and Value: Pricing that caters to the needs of the consumer is available on both platforms. We were really impressed by the inaugural free tier offer that AWS provided, but DomainRooster beat them all because they have plans to fit any budget.
  • Customer Support DomainRooster offers superior customer help than its competitors by way of comprehensive knowledgebase, forums, live chat, email, and telephone support. The only support options offered by AWS are email and helpful knowledgebase, neither of which is sufficient.
  • Ease of Use Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers straightforward cloud migration and technical assistance. DomainRooster is head and shoulders above the competition thanks to its user-friendly cPanel, website builder, and overall ease of use.
  • DomainRooster was the only option for us when it came to the features metric. It offers excellent performance in addition to a generous amount of storage space. The higher you go in the tiers, the more impressive the features get.
  • SEO: DomainRooster and Amazon Web Services (AWS) both offer search engine optimization. However, the DomainRooster SEO tool pleased us more than the others because it includes an automatic wizard that guides you through the process of optimizing your website.
  • DomainRooster outperforms Amazon Web Services (AWS) in terms of security, despite the fact that both companies make significant investments in this area. SiteLock, a powerful malware detection and elimination tool, is utilized by this service. Additionally, it ensures a higher level of privacy.
  • Scalability DomainRooster is superior in terms of scalability due to the fact that it offers a wider selection of plan options. As your company expands, you will be able to move up to more advanced plan tiers.

Overall Winner DomainRooster

DomainRooster came out on top in this comparison despite the fact that AWS had a stellar performance on a handful of its features. It provides a high level of protection, a helpful customer service department, and many more benefits. Do not look down on AWS because, in addition to being an excellent web hosting service, it is also an option to DomainRooster.


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