Cloud Hosting vs Shared Hosting who is the victor

Setting the scene 

I started making websites in 2001. Back then Dreamweaver was king and multimedia was the thing. Then around 2005 I stumbled across WordPress and fell in love. Chiefly with the ability to quickly create a website and extend that websites functionality using plugins. It was almost too good to be true. I quickly began to create blogs, news sites, and social networks. Then in 2009, i was attracted to Softaculous. A cpanel installer that made it easy for novices like myself to install more complex software at the click of a button. I was constantly creating websites and numerous android and apple apps. And spent a significant amount of money on website plugin development and mobile app development.


Where did it all go wrong

But I failed badly in two areas. First and foremost, I was inexperienced and wanted to run before I could crawl. Secondly, I was brought into the dream of launching Facebook-like social networking and global news websites using shared hosting. A  concoction for disaster. 


The dream of shared hosting 

First and foremost, I don’t actually blame most internet hosting providers for selling this crap as they are merely using cleverly crafted marketing and selling techniques to satisfy human greed. And whilst the transparency around what is being offered may have improved in recent years, it is still very much smoke and mirrors with most web hosting companies. I’m not going to start mentioning names. All I will say is that some of the culprits are some of the biggest names in the web hosting business. Do you dig it?


So what’s so bad about shared hosting 

Well, nothing, when you truly understand what you’re getting for your money and that’s the biggest problem. Mostly all shared website hosting providers dress up their offerings like a lamb dressed in sheep’s clothing. They offer unlimited everything, with fair usage limits on everything. That usually includes cPanel a top-heavy server management software (no disrespect but it has no place in a shared hosting environment), and Softaculous PHP script installer so their customers can install the software they know nothing about. Create social networking and blogging websites that will eventually slow the website to a halt and or run you into trouble with the limits imposed if you use too much disc space, ram, or attract too much traffic to the website. But inst that the point of it all? If all else fails, you may get a coding error during an update. Or perhaps, the server crashes because of another website being hacked on the same server your website is hosted on.

For a beginner there is literally a multitude of things that can and unfortunately will probably go wrong which you may not be able to fix without spending lots of hard-earned money. I could go on. And no apologies for the rant. But most newcomers are caught off guard by the pricing of shared hosting as it is so so cheap and offers so so much. But if you’ve lived long enough, you will at some point learn either the hard way or easy way that you generally get what you pay for in life. In other words, a thing that can be bought for a very low price and offers the world and some probably isn’t very good in the first place. think about it. 

So, what’s great about VPS Cloud hosting 

Unlike shared hosting with all of the smoke and mirrors, you for the most part get the power and some of the security features of a dedicated server without the cost. Server resources are mostly allocated so that the performance of one VPS will not affect another sharing part of the same server. VPS servers are sometimes hosted over many servers, so there isn’t usually a single point of failure.  

Well, I was first introduced to VPS cloud hosting in 2011. The biggest problem back then was cost, but VPS cloud hosting is considerably more affordable today with pay as you go pricing. And most providers including DomainRooster provide initiative easy-to-use platform interfaces which makes creating a server a installing say WordPress a doddle.. 

The thing I was most impressed with was the general speed of the VPS’s i used. And the fact that on most vps servers i got to host multiple websites which all performed well in terms of speed once finely tuned. However, one of the drawbacks for a newbie like me back then was ironically not getting all the bells and whistles offered by shared hosting provider deals, (that was until I realized that I didn’t need most of the addition’s in the first place.) meaning that it was more of a comfort factor.  

Fast forward to 2021/2202. That’s when I decided to launch BestKnownHos, recently renamed to DomainRooster cloud hosting platform and the story continues……. Drop a comment in the box below if you wish to hear more or agree or disagree with any of the comments made solely in the spirit of good will.


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