Are You Interested in Trying Mastodon, But Are You Afraid to Jump in? This is the Information That You Should Have

With Twitter’s recent upheaval, a whole raft of professionals have been looking for a place to call home.

Mastodon, a social network fueled by self-hosted “federated” servers, seems to be pulling ahead of the bunch including Post News, Hive Social, Tumblr, and even LinkedIn. is a popular app that supports the diverse and active pub.

Mastodon was a tiny, open-protocol social network before Elon Musk bought Twitter. Now literally millions of individuals and organizations have jumped on the bandwagon and joined Mastodon in recent months.

Since 2016, DomainRooster used Mastodon and ran a dedicated server, but later disbanded this for lack of member participation. Well, its seems that the table has turned,

Advice for Mastodon-curious association pros.

Mastodon is text-based and geared around short chats, like Twitter. Its interface can be modified to look like TweetDeck. Differences are noticeable and require adjusting. You must use a person’s login and server name. Some features are purposely missing. Mastodon lacks quote-tweeting and limits search to usernames, URLs, and hashtags. Mastodon prioritizes hashtags above Twitter and LinkedIn. These characteristics aimed to promote user safety and privacy, reflect Mastodon’s history as a social network that drew marginalized communities (such as LBGTQ+ users) in its early days. Those users influenced the technology’s design.

This represents the network’s ethos of inclusivity and accessibility, which has produced an engaging environment.

What’s Your Plan?

Many potential fediverse visitors dislike having to choose a server and a hard choice to make. Many Twitter refugees said this made the onboarding process unclear and b

Then what? Try this: Start on a larger, more general server, spend some time scoping out the community, and once you find people who share your interests, move to a smaller, more specialized server—perhaps one dedicated to SEO, journalism, or your region.

Why swap midway servers? Each server has local and global timelines. The global timeline includes most of the networks like Twitter. Local timelines are server-specific and can focus on specialized issues, which, as an association pro, may help you target your audience.


Joining Mastodon makes sense for individuals, but you should also consider your organization.

There are several reasons to proceed with caution. First, there are few third-party apps for community management or post-scheduling, though Buffer is reportedly looking into it.

Consider cultural compatibility. Mastodon has a more anti-corporate leaning than other social networks, therefore some organizations may not feel welcome. Other associations may find fits in science, technology, and academia. And how? Do you create a server or use someone else’s? Some organizations, notably W3C, ACM, and the Internet Archive, have selected the latter.

Do you use Mastodon? How so? Comment below.


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